Zophop starts the pilot in Nagpur to implement smarter commute every day

An alliance offering real-time en route bus location with ETA (estimated time of arrival) to the stops beyond timings and fares

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Mumbai, February 5, 2016:  Zophop, a fast growing technology-driven transportation mobile app, announces its collaboration with UMTC (Urban Mass Transit Company) for NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation) and VNIL (Vansh Nimay Infraprojects Limited). NMC and VNIL are the public transportation service providers to daily commuters in Nagpur. The collaboration is aimed at providing depth of information to daily commuters who use the bus for their entire or partial trip in order to support them in making the best decision not only on route options based on time and fare but also on the waiting time for the bus.

Jiyoung Lee, Co-founder and VP, Product & Marketing, Zophop commented, “Along with the focus in Nagpur on technology driven smart transport solutions, this collaboration will change over 250,000 daily bus commuters’ day-to-day bus ride experience completely since now we can provide accurate bus timing, fare, and en route bus location with ETA to the stop on all the bus routes. With the successful evaluation and feedback from the pilot program, we will expand the coverage in greater Nagpur area.”

Subramanian, Head of Nagpur Bus Operator, VNIL further commented, “Customer is supreme but dynamics of commercial economy in Urban Bus Transport System have not allowed us much room for customer centric initiatives. The real-time live bus information certainly is a technology driven low cost initiative that offers huge benefit to commuters without any burden on capital investment.”

About Zophop

Zophop provides the tool that empowers over 200,000 users in 15 cities across India to make their best decision on route (time vs. cost), transportation modes, and time management for travel. One of the unique features on Zophop ­ “nearby” ­ allows users to find all public transportation modes including buses, trains, metros, cabs (Uber, Ola), and autos (Jugnoo) near their location. The “nearby” feature is not only showing users what is available around them but also its ETA to the stop/station/pick­up location and fare. Zophop was established in Mumbai in 2014 founded by Vinayak Bhavnani and Jiyoung Lee.

About NMC, VNIL, and UMTC in Nagpur

Nagpur is taking steps towards development of pan city transport solution, which is sustainable from the financial, economic, and environmental standpoint as well as the common citizens as the fulcrum. While new generation of green transport is in the offing so is the solar powered metro infrastructure, for the present and immediate. Smart technologies that can enable easy access of information to passengers have been key areas that Nagpur has been keen on. The collaborative effort amongst NMC (the enabling institution), VNIL (the bus service provider and operator), and partners – UMTC and Zophop – as the knowledge and technology provider will drive faster and easier implementation and city-wide improvement.


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