Navi Mumbai – The Mecca of Immediate Progress

Thinking of visiting Navi-Mumbai?
Here are a few things you should know, also some other things which might help you –


The planned township of Navi-Mumbai is the brainchild of legendary architect Charles Correa (appointed chairman of the National Commission On Urbanization Of India in 1985,by then Hon’ Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi).It was initially meant to de-congest Mumbai Zone after its surreal population rise over the years. The idea pitched for Navi-Mumbai was for it to get recognition amongst best cities around the globe.


Since then, it hasn’t achieved its former target but has been successful in its pursuit of being one of the few best to live in. This city displays a classic example of the process of urbanization in India. It has developed tremendously in the last 10 years as it witnessed quick progress and evolved into a happening new place comprising of posh residential complexes, malls, restaurants, multiplex theatres and various other landmarks.

Located about 29 km towards the north eastern part of Mumbai. Navi-Mumbai is an attractive city with numerous beautifully planned nodes such as Vashi, CBD-Belapur, Kharghar and Nerul being the prime ones.

Perks Of Living In Navi-Mumbai

1) Real Estate Agenda
Real Estate Projects in Navi-Mumbai considerably cost less than what is offered in Mumbai Zone. Icing on the cake is that the cost of living in Navi-Mumbai is also less since real estate investments value are less. Real estate rates may vary from the place to place depending upon its location and amenities available around it.
Housing Trivia – Navi-Mumbai is also known to be home to one of the finest musicians to have ever graced the musical universe,Shankar Mahadevan (of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Fame).


This well-planned city has numerous flyovers, enormous parking spaces and broad roadways. You can get around using the most common form of transportation – BEST/NMMT powered buses or Harbour Line trains, whose railways stations are also beautifully constructed. In case, you have to travel across the nodes of Navi-Mumbai, auto-rickshaws are the most sought after means of transport. Travel within any of the nodes is always efficient by auto-rickshaw through fare meter. With the help of ZopHop Android Mobile App you can get to know cheapest fares & fastest routes to get to your destination.





3)Schools & Colleges 
Navi-Mumbai is one of the such destinations in the country which has the best of the facilities and the best of schools & other educational institutions to impart education & wisdom. There are few of the many schools & colleges to name such as Fr.Agnel’s Multipurpose School (Vashi), Ryan International School (Nerul & Kharghar), D.Y.Patil International School (Nerul), D.Y.Patil Engg College (Nerul),Pillai’s Polytechnic (New Panvel), SIES College Of Sci,Arts & Comm., etc.

navi8 navi9

4)Shopping Malls & Eateries
The food here caters to all kinds of tastebuds which includes everything from South,North,Central & West of India) by various hotels & restaurants and also the globalization of the west has left its imprints in the name of McDonalds, Pizza Huts, Dominos, etc located in famous malls of the town such as Inorbit Mall (Vashi), Centre One (Vashi), Little World (Kharghar), etc. The luxurious eateries boasts of places like Barbeque Nation (Nerul & CBD-Belapur),The Global Culture (Sanpada,Off Palm Beach Road), Ahmed Bhai Restaurants (Nerul), Four Points (Vashi), The Park (CBD –Belapur).

navi10   navi13

5)Hangout Places
The beauty of Navi-Mumbai is that you are blessed with these awesome places to hangout with your family & closed ones,being such as..*Kharghar Hills,Kharghar, *Central Park,Kharghar,  *Wonders Park,Nerul, *Rock Garden,Nerul, *Sagar Vihar Lake,Vashi.
Pubs and Coffee Shops around every corner of the town like CCDs ,Starbucks ,Rain Lounge, Cult Lounge, The Angrezi Pub, Brew House Café, to name a few.

navi18 navi17

As of date, the whole of Navi-Mumbai is regarded as a ‘Landmark’, but none other the less it consist of many landmarks such as,
*D.Y.Patil Stadium, Nerul.
*Utsav Chowk, Kharghar.
*Central Park, Kharghar.
*CIDCO Kharghar Valley Golf Course, Kharghar.
*Coast along Palm Beach Highway, Nerul.
*Belapur Fort, CBD-Belapur.
*Pandavkada Falls, Kharghar.
*CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Vashi.
*Proposed Navi-Mumbai Intl’ Airport, Panvel.

navi14 navi16 navi20 navi19  Navi-Mumbai is a city with future. With each passing year, it is emerging as a city offering better work opportunities & healthier lifestyle. This city promotes tourism in large spheres and attracts flocks of tourists who visit this place throughout the year.


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4 World Transit Systems you should travel by

When we say that below are the four transit systems you should travel by, what we are trying to imply is that get yourself on these modes of public commute and be ready to have a spectacular experience. The transit systems covered in this article include some of the most impressively massive as well as some of the best-scaled urban transportation systems(sic.). Some of the below are few of the oldest transport networks in the world. And it goes without saying that they are efficient, reliable, safe, clean and cheap.

The Tube, London
This underground network is the oldest in the world, as well as the longest, with 400 kilometers of track. It’s also one of the most traveled with over one billion passengers recorded in 2007. This network is linked to London’s other rail that includes the Docklands Light Railway, which gives passengers a scenic view of the Thames.


Moscow, Russia
Moscow has one of the oldest grids in the world and is also the second most heavily used system, carrying over 7.5 million people daily. Its network of routes is close to 293 kilometers long with clean stations, which themselves are an attraction of ornate, Baroque architecture that people spend time enjoying. Many consider it to be the most reliable subway in the world, running up to 40 trains an hour. If you choose to stay in the station a bit longer to take in its architecture, you can set your watch to the next train on the schedule.

metro_moscow_1 (1)


Portland, Oregon
One of the most innovative public transportation systems in the U.S., Portland gives its riders a mixture of bus, light rail, streetcar, and aerial tram to use. Its bus system has several lines that arrive on time seven days a week. Plus the middle of downtown Portland has a “Fareless Square,” which means riders ride for free in a set area. At its center is the Portland Transit Mall, where buses and light rail converges to give service to its riders. Also, its streetcar runs on an approximate nine-kilometer loop that drops riders at Portland’s aerial tram, which can carry them to Oregon Health and Science University on top of Marquam Hill. The city has a big biking culture as well, with wide bike lanes for riders. In all, Portland’s design as a “green city” has given its residents a great mix of reliable public transportation.


Copenhagen, Denmark
The Copenhagen Metro was completed in 2002, and Copenhagen’s public transit is linked by another train system — the S-trains — that connect people to the suburbs and outside regions of Denmark. They also have an urban bike program that allows people to use a quarter to unlock a parked bike, then go for a ride and park it in another zone across town whereupon their quarter will be returned. In 2006, its metro had a 98-99% reliability rate, with train cars that have a reputation for cleanliness thanks to the Danish culture that frowns upon littering of any kind.


The above trivia has been handpicked and edited from – AskMen and Gadling. You can click on either to read more about other existing first world modes of public commute. There are many other exemplary transit systems with commendable innovations and we shall be covering them very soon.

Images titles and their respective links – London Tube, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Portland and Cophengan