Traffic Regulation in Kolkata for Immersion Carnival

Expect traffic in the city for Immersion Carnival on 3 Oct. Please plan your travel keeping these in mind.

Traffic regulated in the following manners:

1. Movement of all types of Goods Vehicles (other than Immersion vehicles) shall be restricted along AJC Bose Road, Dufferin Road, Lovers Lane, red Road from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

2. Khidderpore Road from Hastings crossing to Lovers Lane will be closed to vehicular traffic from 2:00 pm till the programme is over on the day.

3. Only Stickered vehicles will be allowed along Mayo Road west bound from J L Nehru Road crossing.

4. No Vehicular traffic (except the Carnival related Immersion vehicles) will be allowed to ply along Hospital Road north bound from its crossing with AJC Bose Road.

5. The following road will be closed to vehicular traffic from 2:00 pm till the programme is over on the day:
a) Red Road
b) Lovers Lane
c) Queensway
d) Plassey Gate Road
e) Esplanade ramp

6. The spectators coming on foot will be advised to move along AJC Bose Road, Chowringhee Road, Outram Road, Mayo Road or R.R. Avenue, instead of Khidderpore road.

7. Public coming by trams and buses will have to alight either at Esplanade or Park Street and then proceed towards the public enclosures along the specified roads.

8. Parking will be prohibited on the following roads from 2:00 pm till the programme is over and crowd disperses or as when considered necessary by the traffic police on duty:
a) Govt. Place West between R R Avenue and Esplanade Row West.
b) Chowringhee Road
c) J L Nehru Road
d) Cathedral Road
e) Queens Way
f) Mayo Road
g) Strand Road
h) Bentinck Street western flank in between C R Avenue and G C Avenue
i) R N Mukherjee Road (both sides)
j) Hare Street
k) Old Court House Street (western side) in between Govt. Place (N) and Larking Lane

9. Vehicular traffic may also be diverted from any of the arterial roads and feeder roads by the traffic police on duty as and when considered necessary on the day.


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