Hand picked eating places in Kolkata

A while back we spoke about how Kolkata was the cultural capital of India. In this post we are going to speak about the flavours of Kolkata brought to you by the people of Kolkata itself. Below is a list of hand picked eateries, restaurants and other good food joints in the city. Most of them are affordable, some are well known and as for the others, well as for the other budget food is the word.

  1. The Park Pavilion – Park Circus opp. Shiraz Golden Restaurant – try the buffet here.


2. Bhajahori Manna 


3. Jai Hind Dhaba 

4.  Mouchak, College Street 


5. OlyPub, Parkstreet – 21 Mother Teresa Sarani,Park Street 


Know of a good place to eat in Kolkata? Do let us know in the comments below.


Budget food and other eating places in Chennai

A while back we had done a post – What is so awesome about Chennai, in which elaborated over the distinctive colours of the city. In this post we bring to you handpicked eating places in Chennai you could often eat at (absolutely delicious food) –

1. Dakshin9, Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers – yes, so we went a little overboard with the first suggestion. But it is a fine dining place nevertheless.

2. Kati Roll Shop, Golapuram

3. Chennai Rawther Thalapakattu – give the biryanis here a try.


4. Dindukal thalapakati – plus one for biryani and non – veg


5.  Friends park valasaravakkam

Places Delhi loves to eat at

We had done a post before on eating out in the city – Try these eating places in Delhi this weekend. But those were our suggestions. So we asked the people of Delhi what places they loved to eat at and below is a list of the same –

1. Not just Paranthas – You are gonna love this one. They have joints all over the cities and the paranthas are simply to die for. Go ahead, don’t think much, just go here and eat.

2. Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk, Paranthewali Gali – we don’t have to say any more 

3.  Khan Chachas – If you haven’t had the rolls here, you haven’t had the rolls here

4. Rajinder Dhaba, Greenpark – amazing curries, chilled out atmosphere, booze nearby, what more can a man ask for?

5. Cyber Hub, Gurgoan – all eating places under one roof

Here are some other places which Delhi loves –

Carnatic Cafe, New friends Colony
Navedhyam, throughout the city
Khan Market
various joints in Laxmi Nagar
everything in Hauz Khas Village
different joints in Shahpur Jat
Nizam, CP
QD, Satya Niketan
Parantha Gali, Qutub Institutional Area

Have a favourite eating spot in Delhi? Do let us know in the comments below. Happy eating!


A tribute to Mumbai Bus Conductors

In our last post we spoke about this experience – celebrating Independence Day with over 250 bus conductors who have vowed to make life easy for the common by coming on board with us in our unique initiative of providing live bus timings to daily commuters.

The video below is this experience – shot live. Do take a look at it and see how happy they are on gaining recognition for their kind service.

Do’s and Don’ts for Jagannath Rath Yatra 2015


50 lakhs people are expected to visit Puri during the 10 days of Nabakalebara festival. While there are some common issues like avoid drunken driving, don’t enter the sea without lifeguards, be careful of pick-pocketing, etc; we would like to highlight some specific ones

  1. Booking – Do not visit without any prior booking as it is overcrowded and there is not even a chance to get a room even in Bhubaneswar (60 kms away from Puri). Also don’t overstay as you can come back to Puri whenever you want
  2. Respect the Priests – If by any chance you get in contact with any of the local priests (pandas), Respect them & don’t misbehave with them as they can be rude in the mad rush.
  3. Rains – The chances of rainfall during this period of time is very high & hence it would be advisable to carry mobile phones & cash in small polythene pouches. Carrying an umbrella is a great choice if you can handle the same in a big crowd.
  4. Food, Water & Hygiene – The government is taking steps to check quality of food in hotels and eateries across Puri to prevent possible outbreak of epidemics, but better take steps on our own. Sticking to fruits & packed foods is a brilliant option.
  5. Multiple SIMs – In this world of Dual SIM phones, ensure to carry SIMs of different mobile operators as there might be huge issue of Network Congestion. (Imagine a public of 10 lakh people within a distance of 3 kms). At least data services are bound to get affected.
  6. Fitness – As there would be lot of walking activity required, children & senior citizens should avoid taking the Grand Road during both Ratha Yatra & Bahuda Yatra. People getting fainted due to exertion are a common issue.
  7. Visiting Cards of hotels – Don’t forget to keep visiting cards of the hotels/lodges where you are staying. Yes, you can remember names but it gets very tricky with similar names like “The Sea Beach Hotel” & “The Sea Beach View Hotel”.
  8. Cash – With so much people expected in Puri, there is high risk of ATMs going dry & logistically it is very difficult for banks to refill the ATMs. So better to carry sufficient cash with you for the full stay period.
  9. Public transport – For the ease of traffic, entry of private vehicles is restricted in major areas. Government is running buses from Maltipur Bus Depot to various parts of the city. For the narrow lanes of Puri you can avail the services of manual rickshaw (plentily available).
  10. Spare Footwear – While visiting a holy city, it is always advisable to carry spare footwear as you may not find shoe stands everywhere. Barefoot is a brilliant idea if your hotel is a walking distance from the temple/parking lot.
  11. Mark a Landmark – You should landmark a place where everybody should meet up if people get lost from the group. Places like high rise buildings are easier to identify.
  12. Packing – Pack well before you reach there. Carry important documents like ID proofs for everybody including children & seniors citizens. Also, make sure to carry medicines for chronic diseases as well as normal medicines.

Lastly, don’t panic. The government is doing everything possible & has got 10000 plus volunteers to help the visitors. Simply, approach them & we are sure the problem can be resolved.

Jai Jagganath! Happy Ratha Yatra!


 Thank You Akhil Agrawal for this post.

4 Things about Chennai Metro Rail


The Chennai Metro Rail service was launched by Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalitha today. The 10 km stretch that has been flagged off connects Koyambedu and Alandur metro stations. The elevated stretch includes seven stations that would be covered in 18 minutes.

Here are a few more facts about the Chennai Metro –

1. Minimum fare-Rs.10/-
2. Chennai is the 6th city to get metro in India
3. The metro rail has been designed to connect Chennai Airport, Chennai Central railway station, Egmore Station, CMBT and MRTS
4. Blue Line & Green Lines are the two lines available



Navi Mumbai – The Mecca of Immediate Progress

Thinking of visiting Navi-Mumbai?
Here are a few things you should know, also some other things which might help you –


The planned township of Navi-Mumbai is the brainchild of legendary architect Charles Correa (appointed chairman of the National Commission On Urbanization Of India in 1985,by then Hon’ Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi).It was initially meant to de-congest Mumbai Zone after its surreal population rise over the years. The idea pitched for Navi-Mumbai was for it to get recognition amongst best cities around the globe.


Since then, it hasn’t achieved its former target but has been successful in its pursuit of being one of the few best to live in. This city displays a classic example of the process of urbanization in India. It has developed tremendously in the last 10 years as it witnessed quick progress and evolved into a happening new place comprising of posh residential complexes, malls, restaurants, multiplex theatres and various other landmarks.

Located about 29 km towards the north eastern part of Mumbai. Navi-Mumbai is an attractive city with numerous beautifully planned nodes such as Vashi, CBD-Belapur, Kharghar and Nerul being the prime ones.

Perks Of Living In Navi-Mumbai

1) Real Estate Agenda
Real Estate Projects in Navi-Mumbai considerably cost less than what is offered in Mumbai Zone. Icing on the cake is that the cost of living in Navi-Mumbai is also less since real estate investments value are less. Real estate rates may vary from the place to place depending upon its location and amenities available around it.
Housing Trivia – Navi-Mumbai is also known to be home to one of the finest musicians to have ever graced the musical universe,Shankar Mahadevan (of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Fame).


This well-planned city has numerous flyovers, enormous parking spaces and broad roadways. You can get around using the most common form of transportation – BEST/NMMT powered buses or Harbour Line trains, whose railways stations are also beautifully constructed. In case, you have to travel across the nodes of Navi-Mumbai, auto-rickshaws are the most sought after means of transport. Travel within any of the nodes is always efficient by auto-rickshaw through fare meter. With the help of ZopHop Android Mobile App you can get to know cheapest fares & fastest routes to get to your destination.





3)Schools & Colleges 
Navi-Mumbai is one of the such destinations in the country which has the best of the facilities and the best of schools & other educational institutions to impart education & wisdom. There are few of the many schools & colleges to name such as Fr.Agnel’s Multipurpose School (Vashi), Ryan International School (Nerul & Kharghar), D.Y.Patil International School (Nerul), D.Y.Patil Engg College (Nerul),Pillai’s Polytechnic (New Panvel), SIES College Of Sci,Arts & Comm., etc.

navi8 navi9

4)Shopping Malls & Eateries
The food here caters to all kinds of tastebuds which includes everything from South,North,Central & West of India) by various hotels & restaurants and also the globalization of the west has left its imprints in the name of McDonalds, Pizza Huts, Dominos, etc located in famous malls of the town such as Inorbit Mall (Vashi), Centre One (Vashi), Little World (Kharghar), etc. The luxurious eateries boasts of places like Barbeque Nation (Nerul & CBD-Belapur),The Global Culture (Sanpada,Off Palm Beach Road), Ahmed Bhai Restaurants (Nerul), Four Points (Vashi), The Park (CBD –Belapur).

navi10   navi13

5)Hangout Places
The beauty of Navi-Mumbai is that you are blessed with these awesome places to hangout with your family & closed ones,being such as..*Kharghar Hills,Kharghar, *Central Park,Kharghar,  *Wonders Park,Nerul, *Rock Garden,Nerul, *Sagar Vihar Lake,Vashi.
Pubs and Coffee Shops around every corner of the town like CCDs ,Starbucks ,Rain Lounge, Cult Lounge, The Angrezi Pub, Brew House Café, to name a few.

navi18 navi17

As of date, the whole of Navi-Mumbai is regarded as a ‘Landmark’, but none other the less it consist of many landmarks such as,
*D.Y.Patil Stadium, Nerul.
*Utsav Chowk, Kharghar.
*Central Park, Kharghar.
*CIDCO Kharghar Valley Golf Course, Kharghar.
*Coast along Palm Beach Highway, Nerul.
*Belapur Fort, CBD-Belapur.
*Pandavkada Falls, Kharghar.
*CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Vashi.
*Proposed Navi-Mumbai Intl’ Airport, Panvel.

navi14 navi16 navi20 navi19  Navi-Mumbai is a city with future. With each passing year, it is emerging as a city offering better work opportunities & healthier lifestyle. This city promotes tourism in large spheres and attracts flocks of tourists who visit this place throughout the year.


This rainy season keep these things in mind

The smell of fresh air, pleasant weather, cool showers & peaceful sleep at night, which we were all eagerly waiting for during the heinous heat wave set upon us in the usual summer season of India


The rains are finally here but along with the bliss the rains bring along a lot of painful moments   –wet clothes, various contagious infections and also travelling to work that is bound to drive any Mumbaikar to the point of insanity. Commuting, obviously becomes tough in these conditions. The roads in a “metropolitan” city like Mumbai flood within minutes of a heavy downpour bringing traffic to a standstill & waves halfway up the sides of the vehicles and suddenly you find yourself cursing the raingods.

Here are some simple hacks to withstand these loving yet unflattering rains.

1) Carry an umbrella (Ofcourse,who doesn’t).
It is rather safe to suggest someone to carry an umbrella than ask him/her to be brave enough to tackle Mumbai rains without it,which may result in getting bedridden popping Crocin pills in an attempt to shoo away fever while listening to Rihanna singing about ‘Umbrella’


2) Avoid Rush Hours ( stay put )
Heavy rains tend to make commuting extra difficult. Avoid the added hurdle by steering clear of the 07:00 A.M and the 06:00 P.M crowd of commuters unless you want to find yourself dangling by the doorside of a local train or getting an unintended body massage or getting stuck for hours at an already crowded Railway Station or flooded bus stop.


3)Get your mean machines(read:Vehicles) rain ready
Now that you are ready to step out in the rain, it’s time to do a quick check and ensure that your machines rain ready too. Mumbai monsoons are not known for being kind on commuters. The roads are extremely slippery during rains due to oil spill from the vehicles or blame the civic authorities for not rain-proofing Mumbai roads which resulted in several potholes. Also,manholes get flooded & are potential danger for two-wheelers especially. A thorough servicing of your vehicle is a must & safer option before you set out.

3) Get Your Mean Machines Rain Ready

4)Plan your Route
To avoid any pay-cut from your impending salary or to reach late for your commitments, try planning out your route before you take off. You definitely don’t want to get stuck in the bus or taxi listening to much hyped clichéd travel songs such as ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ or ‘Highway’ while cursing yourself to death. To make your commute much simpler, plan your travel itinerary through ZopHop Android App, as it gives you the fastest and the cheapest ways to travel around the city.

4)Plan Your Route

5)Know where to go incase you are stranded
If you happen to get stranded in a flood-prone area don’t hesitate to seek refuge a night or two at the house of a relative or close friend during high tides or storm.They’ll surely understand your situation,especially since the alternative would mean that you have the tread knee or waist-deep level flood just to get home. You can always return their hospitality by inviting them to lunch or dinner at your home as a token of appreciation.

5) Know Where To Go Incase You Are Stranded

If it is really urgent and necessary for you to reach home,then we suggest you to download our android app ZopHop. It’ll help you to Check-In at your current place to get an estimated time of immediate bus or train which you can board & reach home through the fastest route.

With these quick tips we hope to reduce the monsoon madness and make the rainy season safe and fun for the entire city! You are more than welcome to ask us for the latest traffic updates on our Chat With Us option.

Know of any other tips to withstand Mumbai monsoon suggest us by commenting below or email us at support@gmail.com.

How would you solve the commute problem in Indian cities

Commuting daily becomes a tiresome chore in Indian cities.  Whether it be the hour long traffic jams, the bad roads or the overstressed transit infrastructure, travelling everyday to work or leisure leaves space for little pleasure.


last week we initiated a discussion on what would you do to solve the commute problem in Indian cities. We threw open the discussion to everyone one Facebook and our blog.

While most agreed that strict adherence to traffic rules and harsh punishment to defaulters would go a long way in de-congesting Indian roads, a few others raised some very good points.

One of our top commentors, Majid Khan was of the view that we should do our bit while the government does its. Discipling ourselves to be punctual and good speed/law abiding drivers would decrease the risk to our lives and also of those on roads.


Abhijeet Kashyap was of the view that the maintenance of public infrastructure is not just the responsibility of the people who built them but also of the people who use them.


Junaid made a suggestion 2 which would create a lot of job opportunities plus decrease overcrowding in buses and trains.


Some of our other top commentors suggested –