How to set up your travel preferences on zophop

Are you looking for non-AC or AC bus only options for your travel?  Here is how.  This option search will be definitely needed for Mumbaikars as B.E.S.T. has halved the fares for AC buses.  So why not taking an AC bus?   Your travel with bus will only get better.


Step 1:
Check your app version. If you have not updated the zophop app more than 6 months, you are missing out a lot of cool features that we have added. Update the app now.


Step 2:
Click “Best Route” to search the best route options for your trip. Enter where you want to start and end, then click “Get Route” for results.


Step 3:
Click the button (circled in red below) to set up your preferences. You can select AC or non-AC bus options. Also if you want to adjust walking and auto-ride distance, this is where you need to adjust information accordingly.


Easy!  Isn’t it?

Check zophop for live-bus timings if you are in Mumbai and Nagpur area. You can see the real-time location of the bus on the map and ETA (estimated time of arrival) to the stop before you leave to catch the bus. No sweat, no waiting outside!


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