Win Flipkart evouchers worth Rs.1000

india_hyderabad_traffic_jam_rush_nervous_pollutionWe did an article some time back – Problems commuters in India face and this post generated quite a discussion. When it comes to commuting daily by public transit systems such as buses, local trains, autos the common man of India faces a lot of difficulties – unforgivable weather, traffic jams, poor infrastructure of existing transport services and overcrowded buses and bogeys! Getting to work or school or college or going anywhere becomes painful. Some Indian cities have metro train and monorails which have air conditioning but the rest of the cities are wanting massive improvements in their commute options.

In this scenario if you could suggest some measures to make the common man’s commute life easier, what would you say?

Tell us in five sentences how you would solve the commute problem in Indian cities and stand a chance to win Flipkart evouchers over Rs.1000.


1. The suggestions should be only in five sentences.
2. Leave your answer as a comment here on facebook.
3. The answer with the most number of likes or the most innovative answer wins.
4.  There are 3 Flipkart evouchers worth Rs. 1000 each up for grabs.
5. Next five best answers will win Tshirts.
6. This contest ends on 5th June 2015.
7. For any other queries leave us a comment below.

So well, this looks quite simple and you stand to win money and then you can shop online, yay! Also really cool tshirts on your way and all this for just telling us ways to solve commute problems in Indian cities!!! Get to our fb page right now and start winning!


IPL quiz – Rules and Prizes


So we thought of doing something fun during this IPL. How is it fun you ask?
Well –

1. Three questions. Every answer to each question gets a Rs. 10 recharge. 
2. Three lucky winners get gift vouchers .

Rules<note – this quiz is on twitter only>
well obviously you should follow all of the three below handles first, and also like us on facebook
1. All answers should have these three handles @zophoptransit, @quizconnect and @binocolor.
2. Post answering ping us your number on “Chat with Us” on our app – zophop in this form – name,IPLQuiz, answer, number.
3. The questions will be rolled out during 6 to 8 pm.
4. Results and recharges will be done by noon the next day.
5. One can answer till 12 noon the next day.