Looking for reasons to travel to #incredibleIndia?

Are you looking for reasons to travel to India? Places you should visit, things you should do/ not do? Which are the best places to visit in the country? Which are some of the lesser known/famous places in India?

Look no more. Just a simple search of #incredibleIndia will yield authentic results of some of the most beautifully incredible places in India. We have compiled a list below, but we urge you to do the search for yourself. Also if you have some amazing pictures of Indian beauty then do tweet them to Narender Modi with the #incredibleIndia –





For a live twitter feed of more amazing replies to our PM’s humble tweet please click here.

Crowded Delhi Love Spots

The aam aadmi in the capital chooses to go royal when it comes to open display of love. Heritage sites and monuments along with green lush parks are all year round favorites of Delhi’s lovers. Whether or not you have behind the bush we are sure you have seen them lost in each other’s eyes and arms in these bad-romance-spots- 

1. Hauz Khas Ruins



2. Lodhi Gardens



3. Purana Kila

A couple in the grounds of the Purana Qila

4. Nehru Park


We know, we know there are many more. Feel free to add them anonymously(we do not ask for your details, we are that good) in the comments below. Let’s see how free the aam aadmi is to display love on Delhi streets and corners.

All the images used in this post have been taken from the very generous free-sharing-open-source-kind-of-market that we have on the world wide web. For my take on this kind of sharing, if you are interested please read – this. 

Image credits and links – Hauz Khas Ruins, Lodhi Gardens, Purana Qila and Nehru Park.