Jugnoo allies with Zophop to help commuters enjoy a better travel experience

An alliance projecting reciprocal growth for both the parties


We are happy to announce an alliance with Jugnoo, a leading mobile app offering the largest network of auto-rickshaws in India. Our aim has been to empower daily mass transit mode travelers, to help them make the optimized travel decisions based on route, modes and times. 

This partnership is aimed at reciprocal growth for both the parties. It not only boosts the services offered by Jugnoo and enhances its customer reach, but also adds an extra mode of transportation in the vehicle options on Zophop.

zophop-jugnoo alliance

Elaborating on the collaboration, Samar Singla, Founder and CEO, Jugnoo commented, “Given their interest in a space where the customers can conveniently opt for the best travel routes, sources and fares, it is a great opportunity for Jugnoo to collaborate with Zophop. A synergy like this will certainly clout the service through our platform and add to our existing user base of a million.”

Vinayak Bhavnani, Co-founder and CEO, Zophop further commented, “Autos play a very important role in the entire public transportation experience as a quick and easy transportation mode within short distances at lower costs. This partnership with Jugnoo will certainly bring great value to Zophop users as now they can see availability, ETA, and fare of autos near their location with just one ­click. This eliminates the need for waiting and looking for autos on the streets as they can check out all this on their smartphones.

Our customers now have an additional mode of transport to choose from, which is also cost effective, apart from cabs, metros, buses etc. The association enhances Jugnoo’s services, as the search results will be filtered and faster for any travel queries that people may have.

With steady expansion, Jugnoo is now operational in 22 cities in India. However after this association, over 200,000 Zophop users will gain access to Jugnoo in 8 cities viz. Chandigarh, Jaipur, Gurgaon/Delhi, Indore, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Nagpur.

About Jugnoo
Jugnoo, a Chandigarh based company, was established in the year 2014. It has ventured into the industry as one of the leading auto-rickshaw aggregators and the mobile commerce company with 15,000 people transacting per day, at a very nascent stage. It is a mobile app offering one of the largest networks of auto-rickshaws in India. It has more than 3,300 autos empanelled under the brand at present.

Founded by Samar Singla and Chinmay Agarwal, the company is targeting the students, working professionals, and masses that are dependent on public transport for their daily conveyance.

About Us

Zophop provides the tool that empowers daily travelers in 15 cities across India to make their best decision on route (time vs. cost), transportation modes, and time management for travel. One of the unique features on Zophop ­ “Near You” ­ allows users to find all public transportation modes including buses, trains, metros, cabs (Uber, Ola), and now autos via Jugnoo near their location. The “Near You” feature is not only showing users what is available around them but also its ETA (estimated time of arrival) to the stop/station/pick­up location and fare. Zophop was established in Mumbai in 2014 founded by Vinayak Bhavnani and Jiyoung Lee.


You can get the apps on Google Playstore here – Jugnoo and Zophop.


Find the nearest Uber, Ola and book with one click!

It is a typical day. You have some plans and you want to book cab. Typically you open a cab app like Uber and see if a cab is available before booking it. If a cab isn’t available then you open another app like Ola and then check for cab availability there. Typically you end up wasting a lot of time switching between cab-booking apps.

Here is a neat solution. Now it is possible to know the nearest Uber or Ola around you on just one screen. Yes! You read that right. Lets suppose you are in Mumbai or in Ahmedabad or in Chandigarh or in Chennai, our app shows you the nearest Uber and Ola on the home screen.

zophop uber ola cab booking


How to get and use this amazing time saving feature?

1. Get zophop from Google Playstore
2. Open the app and see nearby cabs

Its that simple. Really.

Cities available for – Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Indore, Bhabaneswar, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Nagpur, Pune and Vijayawada.