#ChabiChodo? Ye kya hai?

Angrezo bharat chhodo toh suna tha, ye #ChabiChodo kya hai?

 This #ChabiChodo campaign is storming Facebook and Twitter to encourage Navi-Mumbai residents to take part in NMMT Bus Day on 23rd Feb 2016.

#ChabiChodo campaign is a biggest pollution fight initiative in Mumbai till date.
The main idea behind this initiative is to observe the changes on the pollution and  traffic level by using public transport. That’s why we call it as “Chabi Chhodo Initiative” literally translated into leave your keys behind.

Zophop is an app that is especially designed to know the timing, cost and details of the bus that you can avail on 23th Feb 2016 in the support of bus day initiative!

So, if you are living in Navi-Mumbai and want to contribute a little to make the environment better to live in then, support and use public transport and plant more trees!

Visit NMMT Bus Day Website for more details.


Bus Day is an awareness initiative by NMMT in assoication with the public transport app Zophop and GSF to promote the use of public transport among people. The bigger aim is to convince people from all strata of the society to start using public transport for their everyday travel. It is a call to all the citizens of Navi Mumbai to use public transport on 23rd Feb, 2016 for their getting about in the city.

What is so special about NMMT Bus Day?
Bus Day has been suggested by NMMT and a few other enthusiastic participants( Zophop and GSF ). The idea behind Bus Day is to observe changes which can be brought in the city trying to respect environment-traffic situation aiming to improve the health of individuals.

What should be done on Bus Day?
We should not use our private vehicles for one day. We should use public transport, walk a little more and plant trees.

Who are the people participating in Bus Day?
It is an event for all citizens of Navi Mumbai as well as for corporations around Navi Mumbai i.e., all individulas, companies, government organizatoins, auto-rickshaws, NMMT, Navi Mumbai Police…and everyone who lives in Navi Mumbai and cares for the environment of the city.

What is the responsibility of these participants?
Everyone has to either use or help others to use Public Transport. As an individual, do not use your cars for a day, use only Public Transport. Companies should permit all employees to come to the office by bus. Auto-rickshaws should take fair fare, the traffic police should manage the situation on road.

How can Bus Day be a success?
Bus Day will be a success if we see that the roads are not congested, there is less noise pollution on roads( read: no more honking), when we can see a change in traffic around us, if we cannot see smoke rings around street lights in night, if we can see winter fog instead of smog, if, in the night sky we can see the stars clear and bright.Bus Day has been planned on 23rd February 2016. On that day we request you to leave your personal vehicles behind and JUST TAKE A BUS to commute!

To get real-time information of buses on this special day, kindly use this app.

Team Zophop celebrates NMMT’s 19th Foundation Day

Team Zophop celebrated NMMT’s 19th Foundation Day with flowers and a cake cutting ceremony in their office at Turbhe Bus Depot. Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) is the transport wing of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, which operates bus services in Navi Mumbai. NMMT buses serve the entire Navi Mumbai city as well as to certain parts of Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan, Dombivli, Badlapur, Taloja, Panvel and Uran.

We, at Zophop, were happy to be a part of these celebrations. NMMT has over 400 buses which serves the commuters of Navi Mumbai, commuters who are very active on our app and who are responsible for majority of Navi Mumbai real-time information for bus timings on our app.


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A tribute to Mumbai Bus Conductors

In our last post we spoke about this experience – celebrating Independence Day with over 250 bus conductors who have vowed to make life easy for the common by coming on board with us in our unique initiative of providing live bus timings to daily commuters.

The video below is this experience – shot live. Do take a look at it and see how happy they are on gaining recognition for their kind service.