Are you moving to Bangalore? Then you should read this –

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, attracts a large number of youngsters for better educational and career opportunities. Over 62% of this city’s population consists of migrants from all parts of the country. So if you are moving to this land of opportunities any time soon, then we suggest you keep in mind the following 7 things:

  1. Climate
    Unlike other South Indian cities, Bangalore has a cool and pleasant climate. It can even get chilly at times so we suggest that you pack full-sleeved garments as well as a few light sweaters and blankets along with your summer clothes. The climate gets a bit on the hot side during March and April only.pic1
  1. Daily Commuting
    You can commute via buses, hire an auto-rickshaw or book a cab online or get your own vehicle here. The city has a fleet of metro trains that currently run in a certain part of the city but the network is expanding soon. Bangalore roads can be quite congested especially during evenings so plan your trips in advance.    pic2
  1. Fear the landlord
    Finding an accommodation in Bangalore can be quite a headache. You can get in touch with house brokers but that will cost you brokerage. We recommend you leverage social media and connect with people looking to offer their apartments on Facebook groups such as “Flats and Flatmates (Bangalore), “Put me in Touch with Bangalore”, etc. Landlords can get stuck on male/female company and late nights so do your research before moving into an apartment.pic3
  1. Food for money
    Bangalore, being a cosmopolitan city, offers a huge variety of food options to its denizens. There are umpteen number of cafes, restaurants and eating joints in all parts of the city serving local, regional and international cuisines.pic4
  1. There is no Nightlife
    Bangalore sleeps early which means that most markets and restaurants shut by 10 Pm. But then there are these places which stay open till late like the Empire restaurant in HSR Layout. It stays open till 2 Am.pic5
  1. Shopping destinations
    You can shop in the local markets of your colony or flock to any nearby shopping malls for a fitting shopping experience. We highly recommend shopping at Brigade Road market and Commercial Street.pic6
  1. Weekend getaways
    There are options galore for those in Bangalore looking for a weekend escape. From the traditional Mysore to the hilly Coorg, the secluded Gokarna to the delightful Chikmagalur, Bangalore spoils travelers for choice.pic7

    Did we miss out something? Did you just move to Bangalore and have anything else to add to the list? Then do let others and us know in the comments below –