How to use zophop’s Live Trips and fence

In a previous post we introduced Live Trips which enables users to see buses and trains move in real time on the map and also gives estimated time of arrival to their stops, as shown below :

zophop live trips


To enable users to check live trips around them we have introduced the Fence feature. Fence does exactly what the name suggests – a fence is drawn around your current location and this lets you see only those trips which are live around you –

zophop live trips

So instead of all the live trips all over the country you can see only those around you. Clicking on anyone of them will lead you to the corresponding real-time information –

zophop live trips

Do you see those small arrows on the right hand bottom corner –

zophop live trips

You can adjust the radius within which you want to see the live trips, yes you can set the radius to a maximum of 10 kms –



For any kind of queries on live trips leave us a message here or on Chat with us on the app. Get the app here.

zophop’s Live Trips

When you open the Near You feature in the app there is a very curious Live Trips option right next to Stations –

live trips _ post_hand

The Live Trips feature shows the number of Live Trips in your city in real time. What this means is that commute options in your city like bus or train or metro or mono which have been Checked-In by zophop users are live for everyone to see in real time( To know to how use zophop’s Check-In read this). So now you can see the live location of your bus or train on the map. You can see it move towards you in real time!

A normal Live Trips page looks something like this –


All those icons are Checked-In commute vehicles. Do you see the bus 123 Borivali Station E, can you see where it is on its route?

To see buses and trains move in real time in your city download zophop mobile app today.

How to use zophop’s Check-In?

Step OneStart zophop

Select your city, enable your GPS and be on the home screen


You can see the Check-In button right at the bottom of the screen. But don’t click on it as of yet.

Step – 2 –  Use suggested routes or search your routes to Check-In 

There are two ways you can check-in. First is by clicking on the Check-In button at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you have your GPS enabled for zophop to detect nearby modes of transport. Once you click on Check-In, you will get a list of nearby routes of trains. You can switch between different modes of transport available in your city by selecting the appropriate mode from the top menu. The list of nearby routes is displayed like this –

zophop-app-check-inOr you could check your own schedules like shown below –


Step – 3 – Click Check-In, sit back and relax

Once you have clicked Check-In, have boarded your bus or train then as soon as your bus or train starts to move you will get a notification of next stop and estimated time to destination like this –


Step 4 – Crowdsourcing Benefits – Live Trips

Once you have Checked – In  your trip becomes live for others who are waiting for your bus or train to see. They can see your bus or train move in real time on a map. Isn’t that just so cool?


So basically using Check-In is very easy. Just select your route and click Check-In and then sit back and relax on your way.


Benefits of Check-In

1. You never have to worry about the next stop again, you don’t have to ask people or try and peer out of the crowded bus or train. Once you have Checked-In you will get next stop voice updates in real time –


2. By using the share button you can tell your boss, wife, family or friends about how long you are going to take to reach them –


3. By employing predictive analysis our app gives you an accurate estimated time to destination. So now you travel with smarter information.