Bus Day is an awareness initiative by NMMT in assoication with the public transport app Zophop and GSF to promote the use of public transport among people. The bigger aim is to convince people from all strata of the society to start using public transport for their everyday travel. It is a call to all the citizens of Navi Mumbai to use public transport on 23rd Feb, 2016 for their getting about in the city.

What is so special about NMMT Bus Day?
Bus Day has been suggested by NMMT and a few other enthusiastic participants( Zophop and GSF ). The idea behind Bus Day is to observe changes which can be brought in the city trying to respect environment-traffic situation aiming to improve the health of individuals.

What should be done on Bus Day?
We should not use our private vehicles for one day. We should use public transport, walk a little more and plant trees.

Who are the people participating in Bus Day?
It is an event for all citizens of Navi Mumbai as well as for corporations around Navi Mumbai i.e., all individulas, companies, government organizatoins, auto-rickshaws, NMMT, Navi Mumbai Police…and everyone who lives in Navi Mumbai and cares for the environment of the city.

What is the responsibility of these participants?
Everyone has to either use or help others to use Public Transport. As an individual, do not use your cars for a day, use only Public Transport. Companies should permit all employees to come to the office by bus. Auto-rickshaws should take fair fare, the traffic police should manage the situation on road.

How can Bus Day be a success?
Bus Day will be a success if we see that the roads are not congested, there is less noise pollution on roads( read: no more honking), when we can see a change in traffic around us, if we cannot see smoke rings around street lights in night, if we can see winter fog instead of smog, if, in the night sky we can see the stars clear and bright.Bus Day has been planned on 23rd February 2016. On that day we request you to leave your personal vehicles behind and JUST TAKE A BUS to commute!

To get real-time information of buses on this special day, kindly use this app.

Chennai Metro rail extends train timings during Pongal season

The Chennai Metro Rail has extended its operational time during Pongal festival.

 The Chennai Metro Rail will operate services till 11 p.m. during Pongal. The extension of the timings was to help passengers heading to Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus board buses for the Pongal holidays.

On Wednesday and Thursday, January 13 and 14, train services would be extended till 11 p.m. The last train from Koyambedu will leave at 10:45 p.m. and Alandur at 11:05 p.m.

On Friday and Saturday, January 15 and 16, normal schedule will be maintained. On Sunday, January 17, the first service from Alandur and Koyambedu will start at 8 a.m. and will run till 11 p.m.

Extra services will be operated based on passenger flow.

This information was officially released here on irctc site. 


#ChennaiRains – Helpline and other important numbers and information


The rain-ravaged capital of Tamil Nadu was cut off from the rest of the world on Wednesday as flooded runways forced authorities to suspend all flights till 6am on Thursday while trains packed with passengers were rendered immobile on tracks overflowing with water.

Cars, trucks and buses could not enter Chennai, or go out of it, as most of its main roads were blocked by several feet of water. Several roads were closed after big sink holes were found.chennai_rains

The non-stop torrential rain, pouring since Monday evening, submerged most areas in the city and virtually broke a 100-year-old record with one day’s rainfall covering a month’s average.




Just a quick compilation of how we can help. It is by no means a thorough list; drop me a message if there’s anything I’ve missed, and I shall add it here. If possible, please check if it’s verified; now is not the time to be spreading false information.

If you’ve got a place to stay/know of anyone in need of shelter:

There’s a crowdsourced spreadsheet available.
Rescue: Add details to this form.

If you have trouble using the form/sheets, or if you are a government authority, police, or associated with rescue and relief in any way, please get in touch so we can help you co-ordinate on Twitter. Here are our Twitter handles: @weshnoo, @sowmyarao_, @shrinivassg, @tvabhinav and @hatamurali.

Stayzilla and BIG FM are collaborating efforts for this purpose as well. If you can assist, call at O44–46946000.

RJ Syed Mohsin is compiling screenshots of individuals offering assistance. If you come across a lead, send a screenshot here.

If you were on the roads recently:

FloodMaps is a crowdsourced effort to map inundated roads in Chennai. To help planners and city authorities understand the flooding problem, contribute to the here. You can also tweet to @zophopchennai.

[On that note, Genie is offering to recharge for people in need. Just tweet them at @thehellogenie if you know anyone who is unable to reach out to people due to insufficient balance.]

If you can donate:

EFI is putting together flood emergency kits to donate to those in low-lying areas. Put together bread/biscuits/bun, fresh water, clean blankets and towels, paracetamol, bananas, candles and matchboxes and drop it in one of the EFI collection points. Contact Gowthami Ashok at +91–9952890690.

Tribal Hearts is collecting contributions in the form of blankets, clothes, footwear etc. if you would like to donate, contact +91–9884075804 or +91–9841035249.

Rice, Dal, Tamarind, Salt et cetera are sought after. If you can donate, call Thanigai at +91–955126220, or Iyyapan at +9444915803.

RapidResponse is attempting to raise funds here:  http://chennaifloods.ketto.org/helpchennai if you would rather contribute monetarily.


If you’re talking about this, please use the hashtag #ChennaiRains. The news channels are yet to pick the news up, and the hashtag trending will hopefully catch their attention.

Do not use the hashtag #ChennaiRainsHelp, unless you’re offering/in need of assistance.

If you know anyone in need of help, direct them to these:

Basic helpline numbers:

Treefall/Waterlogging — 1913

Sewage Overflow — 45674567

Handling poisonous reptiles — 22200335

Blue Cross — 9176025265

Power Failure — 1912

Private Boat Helpline and Rescue — 9445869843/47 , 09962634858

Army Helpline — 9840295100

There are a lot of hoax forwards being passed on. If you know other verified numbers, drop a message.

#ChennaiRainshelp was originally published here on Medium. If this information has helped you drop a thanks to the author. Images ( except the twitter marked one) were sent in by our friends in Chennai. 

Delhi Photo Festival


And they want your work – no matter who you are and where you’re from.
All info below and on their website : www.delhiphotofestival.com
Deadline for Submissions: Wednesday, 15th April 2015How to Apply?

Link to submission guidelines (we suggest that you should go through guidelines thoroughly before filing out the form): http://www.delhiphotofestival.com/#!submissions/c1vce

Online application form: http://submissions.delhiphotofestival.com/?q=node%2F36

To download offline form: http://media.wix.com/ugd/d2706a_cd0880cb11174f4fae1ad5eafe5717be.pdf

(Download, print, fill up, sign and then scan the form and email the same along with a zip folder of your low-res images)

Note to Students: We will hold a special exhibition of Students’ work this year. Same form will be used. Fill up your details under Profession-Student category and upload a scan/copy of your ID card.

Dates: Friday, October 23 – Friday, November 6 2015

Venue: India Habitat Center, Lodi Road, New Delhi

To reach: To find directions and other relevant information it is advised that you download this app.

Winston Churchill owes Rs. 13 to Bangalore Club

Former prime minister of Britain Winston Churchill has unfinished business at the Bangalore Club.

A ledger entry, which is part of the Club World Book, which was released as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations of the Club states that Churchill owes Rs 13 in unpaid bills to the club.


You should also know that

When the Independence Bill was being debated in British Parliament in 1947, Winston Churchill had angrily remarked –

Power will go into the hands of rascals, rogues, and freebooters. Not a bottle of water or loaf of bread shall escape taxation; only the air will be free and the blood of these hungry millions will be on the head of Attlee.” 

Who was Churchill? Why did he owe 13 bucks? Did he drink too much?

Images Credits and links – One and Two.