How to find the best route options on zophop

Are you using multiple apps to find all the info you need for your trip? Then, zophop is the only app you need! Perform the steps below:

Open the zophop app. Select your city.

Step 1:
Click “Best Route” to search the best route options for your trip.

Best Route - Step 1

Step 2:
Enter where you want to start and end, Click “Get Route” for results.

Best Route step-2

Step 3:
Recommended routes show the cheapest option vs. the fastest one. If you perfer a train or bus even Uber, the app shows them as well!

Best Route step-3

Step 4:
Click on the any option to know route details.

Best Route step-4

Isn’t it easy to use zophop? Let us know your feedback.