How would you solve the commute problem in Indian cities

Commuting daily becomes a tiresome chore in Indian cities.  Whether it be the hour long traffic jams, the bad roads or the overstressed transit infrastructure, travelling everyday to work or leisure leaves space for little pleasure.


last week we initiated a discussion on what would you do to solve the commute problem in Indian cities. We threw open the discussion to everyone one Facebook and our blog.

While most agreed that strict adherence to traffic rules and harsh punishment to defaulters would go a long way in de-congesting Indian roads, a few others raised some very good points.

One of our top commentors, Majid Khan was of the view that we should do our bit while the government does its. Discipling ourselves to be punctual and good speed/law abiding drivers would decrease the risk to our lives and also of those on roads.


Abhijeet Kashyap was of the view that the maintenance of public infrastructure is not just the responsibility of the people who built them but also of the people who use them.


Junaid made a suggestion 2 which would create a lot of job opportunities plus decrease overcrowding in buses and trains.


Some of our other top commentors suggested –