Check all commute options around you in one Click!

Today let us tell you about a feature
which will help you save tonnes of time,
a feature which is not just very convenient to use
but also immensely helpful.

zophop – Near You

As commuters wouldn’t it be just fantastic if on just one click you could get the departure details of all modes of transport-bus,train,metro,mono- around you?

We thought so too and therefore built the Near You feature in our app.

Click on it and viola! You can view all commute options near by, specific to your current location –

You choose your transit option from the menu on top, change between train, bus, metro or mono. And here is the best part, if you click on the train icon, you get the immediate departure details for your next train –

This is still not the best part. See the small tab titled Live Trips on the top? When you select this you can view Checked-in Live Trips, that is you can see buses and trains move in real time –

You no longer have to check schedules or time tables for commute options nearby, you can get all the information needed in just one click. Pretty neat what technology can do for you right?