How Young Lee celebrated Mumbai’s Dahi Handi

Meet Young Lee.
Young stays in New York.
Though her blood line originates in South Korea.
Who is that in the picture with her?
Stick around, we will tell you.

IMG_0156 (1)

Young has just moved to Mumbai.
It has only been a week.

mumbai-pics (1)

She has been busy working throughout the week.
But now it is a Sunday.
She wants to explore the city.
So Young moves out.
Outside in Mumbai, she sees big posters of an event.
5 (3)

Excited to attend it, she calls her friend Manas.
But Manas is busy and he cannot make it.
This upsets Young, because she does not know how to get there.

1 (3)

Then Manas tells her of a way.
He tells her about zophop.
It is a commute app.

2 (2)

She enters where she wants to go.
And in two clicks she finds out the fastest way to get there.

3 (2)She catches the next train to cst.
From the platform mentioned on the app.

6 (1)

And clicks some pictures to remember the day by.


And there she is clicking some more pictures.


And now she wants to get clicked while boarding the right train.


With the help of zophop,
She reached her destination on time
Dahi Handi was fun, she says.
Thank god I found a way, she adds.
Use zophop to travel smart, she suggests.

P.S – In the first picture, that is her husband.