How to search live bus timings on zophop

Do you know, Bus travelers in India wait for an average of 20 minutes every time they travel! During monsoon or hot sunny days, this is NOT what you want to do every day.

Now, zophop provides live bus timings that include real-time bus locations and live ETA to each stop. How cool is that! Try today and here is how:

Step 1:
Open the zophop app. Please note that currently, live bus timing services are available in Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolkata and Indore.

Step 2:
Enter the bus or route number. Once you start using zophop for live bus timings, your previous search number will be shown. Then you can simply click the number.

Live Bus Timings

Step 3:
The red dot indicates the current location of the bus you selected. Also, the ETA (estimated time of arrival) to the next stop is shown. If you like to know ETA to other stops, you can simply click the name of the stop.


Now, you can have a nice and relax chai at home instead of waiting at the stop! Your day will start zophop’s smart assistance!

Download updated version of zophop from playstore now!