#ChabiChodo? Ye kya hai?

Angrezo bharat chhodo toh suna tha, ye #ChabiChodo kya hai?

 This #ChabiChodo campaign is storming Facebook and Twitter to encourage Navi-Mumbai residents to take part in NMMT Bus Day on 23rd Feb 2016.

#ChabiChodo campaign is a biggest pollution fight initiative in Mumbai till date.
The main idea behind this initiative is to observe the changes on the pollution and  traffic level by using public transport. That’s why we call it as “Chabi Chhodo Initiative” literally translated into leave your keys behind.

Zophop is an app that is especially designed to know the timing, cost and details of the bus that you can avail on 23th Feb 2016 in the support of bus day initiative!

So, if you are living in Navi-Mumbai and want to contribute a little to make the environment better to live in then, support and use public transport and plant more trees!

Visit NMMT Bus Day Website for more details.