zophop – Mumbai Trains and Buses description


Available in English, Marathi and Hindi for 15 Indian Cities

1. Mumbai Local timetable
– Central,Western, Virar-Dahanu Shuttle, Diva-Roha, Neral-Matheran, Mono, Metro
–  Platform numbers, fares, next departure timings
–  Proximity alerts for next trains
–  Chat with us for exchanging train delay, cancellation, platform change information
–  Find best route – Plan journey with the lowest fare and fastest route
–  Rail Map
– Next stop audio prompts during Live Trips

2.Bus Routes + Real time bus information
– Get route by bus number
Real time Bus information – see bus move live on map
– Proximity alerts for next buses
– Get ETA to your stop
– Get buses arriving at particular bus stop
– Search buses between source and destination / Connected routes
– Next stop audio prompts during Live Trips

3. Offline Schedules for all local trains, mono, metro and buses

4. Travel news & alerts
– Get weekly updated information of railway megablocks on Sundays
– Get live traffic updates every evening
– ask for traffic queries on Chat With Us

5. See Nearby Cabs
– Get ETA of nearby Uber and Ola cabs

6. Safety for Women
– Share your Live Trip via sms/email

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zophop now in Marathi for Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur

bus and train timings

zophop app is now available in Marathi and Hindi language. You can easily look up for all public transport information with our app.

For Mumbai we provide timings, fares, stops and platform numbers of Mumbai Local trains, Mumbai Metro and Monorail.  We even give you real time information on timings and location of all BEST and NMMT buses in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

zophop is also available in 14 other Indian cities.

eta – Just Share It


In day to day life while going to meet people one often reaches for the phone way too many times always asking –

kidhar hai?
Kitna time lagega?
In how much time will you be here?
Where are you?
How much more time?

Movies to coffee to dinners to waiting at the airport or the station or going to a meeting are a few trivial cases when you are often asked for your estimated time of arrival(eta). More nuanced instances of the same could be wanting an estimated time on your delivery order ( think of anything and everything you can order, from food to luggage), or wanting to know if your kids have reached school, or knowing how far on the way is the ambulance or letting your boss know you will be in office in less than 30 minutes.


In other inconvenient moments, you don’t want to be constantly on the phone with your vegetable delivery bhaiya. And in some other genuine moments you really want to know why your friend has not shown up yet.


For all such instances – inconvenient and otherwise – we at Zophop have created an app which will change the way you answer the question – kidhar hai, kitne der mein aa raha hai?

eta, the app, lets you share you Estimated Time of Arrival with any one on your contact list. It is light, free and extremely easy to use –

Step One
Open the app and enter your destination – the movie theatre you are going to or the coffee shop or your office.  For example, lets say I want to go to Kharghar. I will enter it as my destination. As you can see my current location is also there on the map( you are here )-


Step Two
Click on Start Trip (up there) and then on that little share button at the bottom and share your trip with your friends, family or your boss on Whatsapp or message or email or other options. See in the image below you can see the route, the speed and the eta. Also you can pick your ride – whether you are travelling by car, train, plane, train, cycle or even walking. Brilliant isn’t it?

location stickerScreenshot_2015-07-23-21-10-42


Step Three
Sit back and relax. Your shared contact will get a notification when you reach your destination, along with the trip details. Yes. It is that simple. And easy. And cool.


Go ahead, give eta a try – get it on Google Play Store. Tell us how you it made your life simpler in the comments below.

eta can also provide huge advantages to business users.  If you are interested in learning more about how eta can benefit your delivery service businesses, contact us at support@zophop.com or call us on – +9122-20872006

darna mana hai

zophop’s Live Trips

When you open the Near You feature in the app there is a very curious Live Trips option right next to Stations –

live trips _ post_hand

The Live Trips feature shows the number of Live Trips in your city in real time. What this means is that commute options in your city like bus or train or metro or mono which have been Checked-In by zophop users are live for everyone to see in real time( To know to how use zophop’s Check-In read this). So now you can see the live location of your bus or train on the map. You can see it move towards you in real time!

A normal Live Trips page looks something like this –


All those icons are Checked-In commute vehicles. Do you see the bus 123 Borivali Station E, can you see where it is on its route?

To see buses and trains move in real time in your city download zophop mobile app today.

Check all commute options around you in one Click!

Today let us tell you about a feature
which will help you save tonnes of time,
a feature which is not just very convenient to use
but also immensely helpful.

zophop – Near You

As commuters wouldn’t it be just fantastic if on just one click you could get the departure details of all modes of transport-bus,train,metro,mono- around you?

We thought so too and therefore built the Near You feature in our app.

Click on it and viola! You can view all commute options near by, specific to your current location –

You choose your transit option from the menu on top, change between train, bus, metro or mono. And here is the best part, if you click on the train icon, you get the immediate departure details for your next train –

This is still not the best part. See the small tab titled Live Trips on the top? When you select this you can view Checked-in Live Trips, that is you can see buses and trains move in real time –

You no longer have to check schedules or time tables for commute options nearby, you can get all the information needed in just one click. Pretty neat what technology can do for you right?