zophop is your one-stop app for faster, smarter and cheaper travel. You can search for all public transport modes – bus, train, metro, monorail, and available cab services in your city.

– Use Near You to display all nearby public transport options on map
– Use Check Schedules to find departure timings, routes and fares
– Use Take me somewhere to check the fastest and cheapest route between two places.
Favorite your most important or frequented routes
– Use Talk to Us to get instant help from our customer care
– Check ETA’s for the closest Uber and request a ride

“Best App for new people in Mumbai”
“This app is giving to me – right direction”
“Very impressive UI”
“Ad free and Accurate results, my bible for travel in Mumbai”

List of supported agencies and cities
1. Mumbai – Local Train, BEST, NMMT, Metro, Monorail
2. Bangalore – Namma, Metro, BMTC
3. Delhi – Delhi Metro, DTC Buses, DIMTS Buses, Train
4. Chennai – Chennai Metro, MTC
5. Jaipur -Jaipur Metro, JCTS
6. Chandigarh – CTU
7. Bhubaneswar-Puri-Cuttack – DTS
8. Kolkata – Metro, Local train
9. Pune – PMPML
10. Bhopal – BRTS
11. Indore – AICTSL
12. Hyderabad – RTC

The What

zophop is a commute app – the first of its kind in India.  With a simple interface the app provides you with all the information you need to know about commute options in your city. Whether it be bus fares or train platform numbers or cab fares you just have to search for the transit options around you and the app tells you each single detail about every mode of public transport.


The How
After you have downloaded Zophop and selected your city from the displayed list you will be taken to the home page which displays all the transit options available in your city. If you are in Mumbai, lets say then you would see the following screen –

11034744_10152885982929261_2102697370_o 11035284_10152885971299261_1428731716_o

#1 CHECK SCHEDULES – All of us have done this often – check “timetables” of buses or trains to book a ticket or know about the route details. We at zophop, thought it would be easier if one could just enter the start and end location, choose a time to travel and then have a schedule of all the public transport options available. The schedule displayed is just like a traditional timetable with the numbered stops in between. It is even better because it tells you of the cost, the time of departure and the platform/station to board the bus/train/metro/monorail from.


For example, if you are in Mumbai and you want to check the train schedule from Dadar to Vashi. zophop displays the duration of the travel, the cost along with the route to be taken, the trains to be changed and the departure platform and timings. You can modify the journey timings by changing it in the Leave Now option.  ​

#2 NEAR YOU  –  zophop allows you to discover all nearby public transport options with just one touchWhy should you bother to go through the timetables or schedules of buses or trains?
Why go through that complicated metro map of your city when you can just discover all the transport options available nearby to where you are right now.


zophop’s Near You feature lets you zoom in to your current location and then displays all the bus stops, train stops, metro stops nearby you. You can navigate between the various transit modes by clicking on the different icons – train, bus, metro, monorail – on the top.


​Once you click on a desired stop, let’s say you want to know the nearby​ train stops. By clicking on the train icon, a list of all departing trains from that stop will be displayed arranged in the fastest departure first time.


#3 TAKE ME SOMEWHERE – We saved the best for the last. Our trip planning results are awesome. We provide step-by-step instructions that are specific to your region – so there’s never any guessing about which route will get you there fastest or the cheapest.


The Take me Somewhere feature lets you pick a start and end location points on the map of your city and then lists out the fastest and the cheapest routes to reach there.


Once you click on Get Route the fastest and the cheapest way to get to your destination are displayed. You can choose from Other Results for other diverse options


Get the app today – No longer rely on strangers or unfriendly app timetables for train or bus timings. Find everything you need to know about public transit in any city with zophop. Go ahead, download zophop from Google Play Store

For any queries mail us at support@zophop.com

For comments, it’s quite alright if you do not fill in your details. We know how irritating it is when you have to connect with Facebook or Twitter or Gmail to post a comment. For us your feedback and opinions matter more than data collection.

One thought on “zophop

  1. 1. Personal Car is best option for Commuting in India Cities. first of thing that the people follows the traffic rules and regulations.
    No. 2. Metro is best convenience in Delhi Mumbai Cities.
    No. 3. Public transport is also good for commuting.
    No. 4. Bike is also good for commuting.
    No.5. Auto is also convenience for people who is knowing the city very well, because the Auto Drive manipulate the people always, because the new person does not know the road very well and the auto drive take long road to earn more many.


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