Traffic Regulation in Kolkata for Durga Puja Festival

Expect traffic in the city for Durga Puja festival from 19 Sep to 26 Sept. Please plan your travel keeping these in mind.

Traffic regulated in the following manners:

1. All types of vehicles proceeding to collect images will be diverted to enter Rabindra Sarani for Kumartuli complex through Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Raja Naba Krishna Street, and Aurobinda Sarani and will go out via Madam Mohan Tala, Baghbazar Street, and Strand Bank Road.

2. Goods vehicles, except those connected with the image lifting, will be diverted to move along Strand Road, Nimtala Ghat Street, B.K. Pal Avenue, Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Girish Avenue for their both up and down journeys, instead of taking Rabindra Sarani.

3. All types of vehicles connected with image lifting will be allowed to move throughout the city during the aforesaid time and dates.

4. There will be no parking of vehicles on Strand Bank Road in between Sovabazar Street and D.C. Banerjee Road for smooth dispersal of vehicles carrying images.

5. Vehicles meant for carrying images will be allowed to park on the western side along Rabindra Sarani from its crossing with Sovabazar Street to Baghbazar Street.

6. No vehicles, except the vehicles connected with image lifting, shall be allowed to enter on Kalighat Road from South to North from the crossing of Hazra Road and Kalighat Road.

7. Tram service along Rabindra Sarani will be suspended from 2:00am on 19 Sept till 4:00pm on 26 Sept.

8. These regulations shall be enforced in addition to the other normal restrictions on those days, which are not repugnant to the above.


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