Traffic Regulation in Kolkata for Independence Day Parade

Expect traffic including pedestrian traffic in the city on 15th Aug for Independence Day parade. Please plan your travel keeping these in mind.

Traffic regulated in the following manners:

1. Movement of all types of Goods vehicles shall be restricted along AJC Bose Road towards south from its crossing with Lenin Sarani (Maulali crossing), St. Gerorge Gate Road, Strand Road up to Raja Woodmunt Street, along C R Avenue from G C Avenue towards south, all along J L Nehru Road (both bound) from 05.30 am to 1.00 pm or after dispersal of crowd

2. Guru Nanak Sarani (Mayo Road) will remain closed for all vehicular traffic, expect the cars with stickers especially issued for the parade, from 05.30 hrs till the parade is over and crowd disperse.

3. The following roads will be closed to vehicular traffic from 05.30 am till the parade is over or after the dispersal of crowd whichever is later:
a) Hospital Road East and West
b) Lovers Lane
c) Casuarina Avenue
d) Khiddepore Road from Hastings crossing to J & N Island
e) R R Avenue between Y Road Tram Track and Govt. Place west
f) Gostha Pal Sarani
g) Queensway
h) Plassey Gate Road
i)Dufferin Road
j) Outram Road
k) Esplanade Ramp
l) Govt. Place West (only for south bound vehicles).

4. Red Road will be closed for all vehicular movement from 10.00 pm on 14 Aug till the parade is over and crowds disperse or as and when considered necessary on 15th Aug.

5. Kidderpore Road will not be used by the members of public who will be advised to move along AJC Bose Road, Chowring Road, Outram Road, Mayo Road or R R Avenue to the public enclosures on Red Road.

6. Members of public coming from east and north Kolkata are advised to approach these enclosures, (a) across Outram road near its junction with Park Street, (b) from Dufferin Road through the barricades across Outram road to enter Red Road.

7. The bus stand on the eastern side of Strand Road along side of Band Stand, Edes Gardens will be shifted to the western side of Strand Road from 5:30 am to 1:00 pm.

8. Vehicle belonging to Parade participants will be allowed entry via Maye Road, Duffein Road to assembling Point.

9. WBTC buses will be allowed to enter and leave their depot at Esplanade via R R Avenue.

10. At Central Bus Terminal the buses will enter from R.R.Avenue by taking the route along Esplanade Row East, J L Nehru Road, R R Avenue and turn left to Central Bus Terminus and outwards journey via New Road-Docina to destination.

11. New Road will move in opposite direction.i.e.from south to north towards Dorina crossing to facilitate the drain out of CBT vehicles.



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