Mumbaikars prefers Metro! Why?

Mumbai Metro is the fastest transit system serving the city of Mumbai since it started its operations in 2014. It was designed to reduce traffic congestion’s in the city area and supplement the overcrowded Mumbai Suburban Railway network. Now it has been 2 years in operations of Line 1 that covers about 11 km in Versova–Andheri–Ghatkopar area.


There are several reasons why Mumbaikars love Metro,

1) It is fully air-conditioned. No more train ride with sweaty random strangers, Metro helps you to travel comfortably.

2) It makes east to west travel easy. Going from east to west in a Mumbai used to be a big hassle as Mumbai is largely considered a linear city with just two options, North to South (and vise versa). But Metro is bridging the gap.

3) It helps in reducing road traffic. Especially between Ghatkopar and Khar, now a lot of people are switching to the Metro. Driving may just become a possible affair again.

4) The local trains will get lighter. With Metro Phase II and III connects most of Mumbai by 2017 (more like 2024), we will finally have faster and easier connections!

5) Our townie friends may even agree to travel to the suburbs. While most townies still think travelling past Andheri means switching to a roaming area, AC Metros might just convince them to “travel in style.”

Have you traveled in Metro yet? No? Then check out zophop for timings of the Mumbai Metro if there is available connections when you travel.

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