zophop Brings Mobile-based Ticketing For KDMT Travellers!

Guess what is the easiest way to book bus passes with Kalyan–Dombivli Municipal Transport (KDMT)? The answer is zophop’s feature-rich app! zophop allows you to opt for passes conveniently on AC and non-AC buses.

zophop has partnered with KDMT to bring the digital advantage to travellers. The goal of this new initiative is to provide travellers with a world-class travelling experience through their smartphones.

Experience a revolution in the way you travel with KDMT buses!
With zophop, you don’t have to wait in long queues to get your bus pass. All you have to do is follow a convenient 3-step process:

1. Select the Start & End stop for which you need the bus pass on zophop.


2. Register by filling your details (one-time registration).
3. Make a payment using multiple options for debit cards, internet banking, wallet’s etc.
Your payment will be accepted through a highly secure platform. On successful completion of the above steps, you will receive a digital pass that can be showed to conductors for verification when you travel on KDMT buses.

Other Key Features Of The Zophop App:
1. Find Cheapest & Fastest ways to get to your destination.
2. Find Real Time Location & ETA for your buses on your boarding stops.
3. Also available Offline & in Multiple Languages such as Hindi and Marathi.

Did you find zophop interesting?
If your answer is yes, we recommend you download the latest version of zophop from Google Play store.



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