New rules for traffic offence, parking, and towing

We can see traffic accidents quite often while travelling. Either it is relatively light or fatal; many of them can be avoided.

A report released by India’s ministry of road transport indicates quite shocking numbers and facts:

  • 146,133 people were killed in road accidents in India in 2015, up from 139,671 in 2014
  • There were 501,423 road accidents in 2015 – or 1,374 accidents every day – up from 489,400 in 2014
  • 500,279 people were injured in road accidents in 2015, up from 493,474 in 2014
  • 400 road deaths take place every day on India’s roads
  • 13 states, including Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh, accounted for more than 80% of all road accidents and fatalities
  • Nearly eight in ten accidents were caused by drivers, with 62% of those blamed on speeding.

Effective 3rd August 2016, the revised Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) according to the new amendment bill passed for immediate safety and strict rule implementation. The revised and new penalties for all major road offence have been increased by 5 times, and few have gone up to 10 times from the current penalty amount. So pay attention on details below on what you need to know on traffic offence, parking, and towing rules.


Accordingly to the information by Daily Bhaskar, following is further details on the rights of citizens and Officer level and restrictions, fines/penalties, and challans.

  • When traffic police stopped for any reasons, the ‘constables’ on duty cannot seize your car or pull out the keys. They have no legal rights to do that.
  • Arresting an offender and asking for PUC (Pollution Under Control) cannot be done by traffic constable, neither they can arrest you.
  • A police in traffic situation can only assist you. Fine collection is legally allowed to only Sub-Inspector and designation.
  • 4 Reasons for which your license can be seized which are Jumping Red Signal, SMS / Social activities anything with phone while driving, Caught in over loaded car, Drink Drive situation.
  • Head constable can fine up to Rs.100 only. Officer of level ASI and SI can charge fines beyond Rs.100
  • An officer without uniform cannot stop, charge or fine you.
  • What original / Xerox documents to keep while driving : Driving License (Original), PUC (Original), Vehicle RC (Registration Copy Xerox), Insurance Certificate (Xerox).
  • Helmet for 2 wheelers are exemption for sikh community person wearing a turban and a person with mastoid surgery.
  • Spot Fine / Challans : You need to pay your fines on the spot. In case you don’t have money your driving license will be surrendered and upon paying fine in the given period will be issued again. But this can be a hectic situation consuming time and travel.
  • Notice Fine / Challans : If a traffic offender in Mumbai manages to flee away, He will receive a notice challan to visit department within a month and pay required fine. If not done within period time, Challan will be forwarded to court for further proceedings.
  • Court Challans : Penalty OR / AND imprisonment is what the offender may attract if caught for serious situations like Drink drive. Challan will be issued and penalty has to be paid inside court.

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Updates January 2015, new rules for car parking along with rates per hour have been updated and pay park policies related have been listed.

According to Rules Of Regulations 1989 and Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the list of details on ‘No Parking Rules’ is below. The parking offence fine is Rs.100.

  • If you parked in a way which creates OBSTRUCTIONS.
  • On Authorized taxi stands or within 15 Meter area of BEST bus stand.
  • If not parked in correct manner.
  • Parking on any flyover bridges or at any of the listed traffic islands.
  • At locations with sign-boards saying NO PARKING ZONE.
  • Illegal parking is also when parked on footpath or at pedestrian crossing.
  • In front of any residential or commercial building gates.



“Sou Rupiya Lo Baat Khatam Karo (Bribing to finish the situation here and letting me go)?”

E-Challan is another big major move by Traffic Department of Mumbai. It is a machine-based fine/penalty collection, so now the driver can receive the receipt by the traffic police. But, yes, E-Challan is only available for credit and debit cards. It is centrally connected system, so with every fine amount, Rs. 9.5 extra convenience fee will be charged on the card.

Of course, there is an option for the payment with cash. Traffic Department gives a time period of 15 days within which the offender has to pay the requested fine amount via NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) also commonly called a medium of ‘wire transfer’ or ‘Online Payment’. Fail to pay the fines within 15 days, from 16th day Rs.10 extra be added for every next day till you pay.

Traffic Department is planning to deploy the devices with prepaid card (smart card charged via e-wallet and r-wallet) payment option upon successful implementation of initial 1,000 devices.

Now it is time for us to be aware of rules, which we must follow for everyone’s safety. All big changes will start from each individual; all of us can make better India from today.

Jai Ho!


Reference: (by Deven Jadav)

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