Traffic updates and alerts on zophop

Have you wondered why the bus or train that you are waiting for is not coming? You must have asked the question to others who are waiting for the exact same bus or train which you are waiting. You don’t expect the answer, do you? Because they don’t know, either!

Why isn’t there a place where you can ask a question on what is going on? Well, you have the place – zophop.

“Talk to us” feature on zophop is 2-way communication channel. Yeah – you can send us your question.

Slide1We provides you traffic and train updates to make daily commute easy. We are using multiple sources to get the information throughout the day and push the info through the app notifications and tweeter feeds.

You can even send the information if you see any unusual traffic congestions or accident. Then we will share that info with others.

In order to get this information, you don’t have to be a public commuter; anyone and everyone is welcome. Just download zophop and pay attention to our notification; and when you have a question or information to share, you can talk to us! Easy!

Where to ask question on zophop? Click the chat icon on the home screen and send us your question.

How to become a zophop user?  Download zophop here.

Wanna be our follower on twitter? Here we go! #zophop

What are you waiting for? Just ask and talk to us on zophop!



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