It Is Time to Make Navi-Mumbai Pollution Free!


The recent Deonar fire gave us a glimpse of what Mumbai would be like in high Delhi-like pollution levels. Despite having the sea nearby it took 4-5 days for the smoke, dust pollution to clear from the air. Recorded Air Quality Index during that time was 325 in the morning and 341 inn evening.

While the  alarming levels have now dropped the story is still the same for certain patches in Mumbai ( read Chembur, Andheri, Sion among them). This air problem is slowly spreading to the suburban areas as well.

green city

While you can always blame the government for not caring for the health of its citizens we think it falls upon us too to care for our city.  Keeping this concern in mind, NMMT is organizing a Bus day in Navi Mumbai to promote the use of public transport. It’s aim is to convince Mumbai residents to use public transport on 23th Feb 2016 and to avoid private vehicles to keep the pollution and traffic in control! So come forward to lend your hand to make Navi-Mumbai Pollution Free!

This initiative will run with the help of Zophop app and Green Society Forum.

Like Navi Mumbai Bus Day on Facebook.
Tweeti about this campaign using #‎ChabiChodo.

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