BEST and railway authorities to run extra buses and trains on 31st December

Keeping in mind the commuting woes faced by revelers, the railway authorities both Central Railway (CR) and Western Railway (WR) have decided to operate additional trains on the main line.

According to railway officials – eight additional trains have been readied to ferry citizens after partying on December 31. Four locals along Virar-Churchgate route and four along Churchgate-Virar have been marked to travel past midnight.

As per the timetable shared by authorities – the first Virar bound local leaves Churchgate at 1.15 am, followed by the second one at 1.55 am, third at 2.25 am and the fourth at 3:20 am.

The timing for the first Churchgate-bound train from Virar has been set at 12.15 am. While the second Churchgate-bound local leaves at 12.45 am, the third one departs at 01.40 am and the last one leaves at 2.55 am.

Even the Central Railway (CR) has announced special trains. While the Kalyan special will depart from CST at 1.10 am, a CST-bound train will leave Kalyan at 1.15 am. For Harbour line, a Panvel special train will leave CST at 1.20 am. Similarly CST-bound local will depart form Panvel at the same time.

Meanwhile, BEST has also readied special buses to transport citizens with special schedule marked for the party night.

Buses on route numbers – 1, 7, 111, 112, 203, 231, 247, 272 and 294 will run past 10 pm along various areas of the city. Also, additional 17 buses have will be running along Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Chowk, Juhu Chowpatty, Gorai, Churchgate station, CST and Girgaum.

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