Ganpati 2015 the zophop way

In our last post we released a short teaser for Ganpati 2015 –

Our team moved on the road, among the people to celebrate Ganpati with the unsung heroes and with everyone else. It was a warm experience, it was a happy experience – to be interacting with everyone, distributing sweets, sharing them. We also gave away aarti books. Take a look at how it all began from our office and how it ended on the road –

1. It starts in the office with the lady without who we would not survive, literally.






And then the team was on the road with the books and the sweets. Look how good all of them look –


12007131_10153345299399261_1525797693_n zophop-ganpati-2015







The zophop team in the picture above – aunty, Pradeep Mandve, Karan Kalra, Akshaya Gupta, Santosh Patil, Manoj Madanmohan, Saif Kazi. The photos were clicked by Akash Bhatia. The team is wearing “Take Me Somewhere” t-shirts.

Wishing you a happy Ganpati.


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