zophop’s Live Trips

When you open the Near You feature in the app there is a very curious Live Trips option right next to Stations –

live trips _ post_hand

The Live Trips feature shows the number of Live Trips in your city in real time. What this means is that commute options in your city like bus or train or metro or mono which have been Checked-In by zophop users are live for everyone to see in real time( To know to how use zophop’s Check-In read this). So now you can see the live location of your bus or train on the map. You can see it move towards you in real time!

A normal Live Trips page looks something like this –


All those icons are Checked-In commute vehicles. Do you see the bus 123 Borivali Station E, can you see where it is on its route?

To see buses and trains move in real time in your city download zophop mobile app today.

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