zophop’s Invite and Earn – Free gifts for everyone

This is just to inform you that Invite and Earn option is available only till 4 pm, 18th May 2015, today. 

All those who have invited their friends before 4 pm will still be able to redeem their money.  

In our latest update, we roll out –

promo1Okay. Maybe we are exaggerating, just a little.

But it is time to incentivize our users for app referrals. A lot of apps do this, what is new in our referral system you are bound to ask. Well –


Well, yes that looks like a referral system for any other product. But, wait.

How Invite and Earn works?

1. Invite friends and family.
2. Friend installs app, you get Rs. 10 earnings, your friend gets Rs. 10 earnings.
3. Once 5 of your friends install and open the app, you can redeem Rs. 50 into your PayTM wallet.
4. Your friend needs to invite 5 people to get redeem Rs. 60.
5. You can redeem only Rs. 50 but you can gift Rs. 10 to all your friends.

When you refer our app to your friends, your friends get points too. And once you are done with a minimum of 5 invites you can redeem your earnings very easily through a Paytm Wallet. . We are not giving away free talktime or coupon codes for some selected outlets. There is no need to sign up or register either. No. We are giving away cash which you can spend as you like. Sounds pretty neat eh?

So, get the app now – here , gift your friends free cash and get some yourself. Happy summers people!
referrel8 (1)


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