Try these eating places in Delhi this weekend

People of Delhi, is the heat getting too much for you?
Are you feeling drained and lifeless?

We know how sweaty and yucky it can get in Delhi and well all one wants to do is stay in near the ac at home, but what if we told there are some cool places you could chill at this this weekend and enjoy some great food and drinks!

East Delhi
1. Café 21 – Zomato Link
Hunting for authentic Italian food in East Delhi? Your search ends here- head to this place.

Cafe 21

2. Tesoro Mio – Zomato Link
Definitely one of the better-known places in this part of the city, come here for a hearty meal and a wonderful service.
tesoro mio
For the ones who put up in West Delhi

1. The Club Road Café – Zomato Cafe
This place is getting a lot of attention due to media coverage, innovative items in the menu and also because Sunny Leone paid a visit recently.

club road
2. The Backyard – Zomato Link
Not known to be pocket-friendly, but then again, good things don’t come cheap! Try this place for a fun night out with friends. Please don’t drink and drive!

the backyard

If North Delhi is home for you

1. QD’s – Zomato Link
If tandoori food is your idea of fun, then QD’s is your kind of place. Also popular for its yummy shakes and mocktails and a funky décor. Try this, you won’t regret.

2. Big Yellow Door – Zomato Link
This place is known for its super delicious food, an amazing ambience, quick service and all this at really reasonable prices. No wonder, this place is always crowded. A word of caution: prepare to stand in the long queue.

big yellow door

For the spoilt brats of South Delhi

1. Diggin – Zomato Link
Perfect for a lazy day out. You will love the ambience and the place as much as you will enjoy the yummy food and desserts. Don’t forget to carry that DSLR if you have one!


2. Hauz Khas Social – Zomato Link
The most trending place in the city right now, if you still haven’t paid a visit to this innovative restaurant, you are seriously missing out on something.

hauz khas social_hkv

For those who belong to Central Delhi

1. Vault Cafe – Zomato Link
If music and dance with drinks is what you plan to do this weekend, it’s gotta be at Vault Café! Must, must visit!


2. Q’BA – Zomato Link
Is a sumptuous buffet your path to instant gratification? Head out at Q’BA and you’ll thank us later!


This is probably not a good practice but this time we have linked the images to their sources instead of citing them here. So for image links and credits just click on the picture.

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