zophop sets new records in the past 20 days

After introducing Check-In, India’s first commute crowdsourcing platform which provides real-time updates on bus and train timings and locations, on April 3rd, 2015, things have not been the same at zophop. Our numbers have gone up and up, and in twenty days post Check-In’s introduction we have seen a 43.43 % increase in the number of downloads of our app. Last Sunday we crossed the first coveted milestone of 50,000+ downloads  –


In the past 20 days we have seen a 204.28% increase in our monthly active users. More and more people are using zophop to commute, our query module has been in an over drive frenzy with over 100+ queries any given hour. Users are asking us how to access routes to certain locations, suggesting features they would want us to add, alter and are constantly expressing their appreciation for the daily commute updates that we push in the app.

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Our little experiment in crafting our campaigns with advanced behavioral targeting techniques seemed to have paid off well cause we have seen an 1011.11% increase in getting Daily new users. Yes! In the past 20 days there has been a thousand fold increase in our daily new customers. Isn’t that swell?


As the month comes to a close, we thought we would share these  good-looking numbers with all of you. Our product gets better with every new user and we seemed to heading for a fantastic makeover.

Back in the office we are all very excited. Our learning curve has just hit a very steep gradient and as we spent our nights planning, strategizing, building, creating, designing, crafting; we want to thank you dear users for your overwhelming response and support. You have opened up an entire new-untouched-unexplored world of opportunities and challenges and we promise to deliver something so wonderful in the days to come, something so unique and unheard of, something which will alter the way you commute every day.

Feel free to drop us a message to share your feedback over a beer or some coffee. We would love to hear more and more from you.

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