What you can do this Earth Day

Every year, on April 22, humans and organisations celebrate Earth Day to demonstrate their concern about environmental degradation and commitment towards its protection. In the quest for rapid growth and development, mankind has caused severe damage to environment, in terms of extinction and endangerment of various species of flora and fauna, rise in temperature, increase in air, water and land pollution and deforestation. Therefore, it is the right time for communities, organisations and people to come together and reflect over their actions and take up several positive actions to repair the damage that has been caused.

As a responsible organisation which strongly believes in environmental protection and sustainable development, we recommend the following ten steps you can take up today:

1. Plant a tree
It can be in your garden or a local park in your neighbourhood. Planting trees helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cleans pollution, secures soil in place to prevent erosion, and provides homes for a lot of biodiversity.zophop-app-blog-earthday

2. Learn about the environment
Pick up a book from your local library or watch a video on Youtube or attend any local earth day events to learn more about environmental issues like pollution, endangered species, climate change, recycling, etc.


3. Organise sessions in your place of work
 If you are a teacher, you can conduct sessions or hold workshops about environmental issues in your school. If you work in a company, you can sensitize your co-employees about the same.zophop-app-blog-earthday

4. Take a pledge to recycle, reduce and resuse
This involves simple actions such as buying only as much as required, not wasting food, carrying cloth bags when going for grocery shopping and saying no to plastic.


5. Give away things you don’t need
Many a times we buy things we don’t need or use. Instead of holding on to those things, give them away to people who could use them or donate them to local NGOs who can either use them or sell them for generating cash.zophop-app-blog-earthday

6. Spot-fixing
We all have this one spot in our neighborhood or near our workplace that’s filthy and avoided for years. Form a local group, and get together to fix that spot and turn it into something more useful and visibly attractive.


7. Grow your own vegetables
If you are lucky enough to have a farm or a large garden in your house, we advise that you grow your vegetables and fruits. Space might be an issue in some cases but in most it just the wanting of will. Having a kitchen garden is a pure delight, also think of all the healthy and genuine food you will be eating sans the pesticides, insecticides etc.


8. Create environmental-friendly policies
Encourage your employees to do simple things for environmental protection such as using less paper to dry their hands, switching off all the lights and fans when leaving from office at night, saving electricity by working together instead of working in separate rooms.


9. Commute using a bicycle
Reduce air pollution by riding a bicycle. It is not only good for the environment, it will also keep you fit as a fiddle! Need a little more motivation to ride a bike? Read this then.

Point-9 (2)

10. Save water
There are several ways to save water. Instead of showering daily, use a bucket of water to bathe. While scrubbing hands or applying shaving foam on your face, turn off the water.Point-10 (2)

What did you do this #EarthDay? Did you plant a tree? Did you take a #TreeSelfie? Tell us in the comments below –

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