Why Chennai people don’t give a damn about other cities

“It is always burning hot in there!”
You’ll be sick of eating dosa-sambhar every day!”
“You don’t speak Tamil? OMG, you will not be able to survive in Chennai then!”

These are just three reasons why people love to hate Chennai. But you know what they say about cliches right? Cliches are just cliches. Fact of the matter is Chennai is so much more than these oft-repeated statements. Below are a few things which people do not believe until they have been to Chennai. Also some facts which will make you envious of the southern Indian city –

1) Tickets so cheap you wouldn’t believe it!
Unlike other metros, you can watch a movie in Chennai for approximately Rs 120 per ticket. We heard front row seats in some theatres cost Rs 10 a show. Now that’s a steal. Oh and this 120 deal is on for all days of the week!


2) Predictable weather
Yes, Chennai is hot but it is not always unpleasant. Also you do not have to worry about having separate clothes, beddings or gadgets for different seasons in a year, something our Delhi friends have to.


3) Non-evaluative people
You can be caught dead wearing something very simple and inexpensive and no one will give you a second look. People here do not ogle or stare and you feel safer and more secure.


4) Fantastic Commute System
MRTS (Mass Rapid Transport System). The name speaks for itself.
Price: Rs.5 one way.
Monthly pass: Rs. 120.


5) Beautiful Temples
Temples in Chennai are not only beautiful, they are also very well-maintained. There are so many of them and some are carved out of just one piece of stone, like the one below.


6) Beaches
Unlike many other metros, Chennai boasts of several beautiful and pristine beaches, including the famous Marina beach, the longest urban natural beach in the country, Elliot’s beach & Thiruvanmiyur beach

Point-7 (3)

7) Authentic South Indian Food
Let us admit it, the kind of South Indian food we are used to have in metros is nowhere closer to how they are really supposed to taste. You will know what real filter coffee tastes like only here.

Point-8 (2)

8) Smooth Roads
Roads in Chennai are wider and smoother as compared to other metros, including neighbour Bangalore.

Point-9 (1)

9) Lower Cost of Living
As compared to other metros, the cost of living of people who live in Chennai is lower. This can be attributed to cheap sub-urban railway service, shared autos, lower cost of bus tickets and cheaper food.


It is Union Territory we know, but it still lies so close to the city and it is so beautiful. I was there last December and the place is simply amazing with its painted houses, vast blue beaches, colorful streets and relaxed crowds. Plus one for cafes, bars and roads too.


We did a little picking of facts from here and here. We also spoke to our friends in Chennai and well I had been in the city last December. Pictures links – 1, 2, 3, 4, mine, 6, 7 , 8, 9, 10

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