Bollywood songs shot on moving trains

When Shahrukh Khan danced with Malika Arora Khan on top of a moving train in the movie Dil se, he had the entire country doing Chaiyya Chaiyya. But that is not the only song which was shot on a moving trains. Train songs have been an integral part of Bollywood movies, or were at least till some time ago. Here is taking a look at some Bollywood train songs –

1. Chaiyya Chaiyya from Dil Se: Famous for more reasons than one- it is not just the most popular train song in Bollywood but also one of the most iconic Bollywood songs ever.

2. Meri Sapnon Ki Rani from Aradhana: The love affair between Bollywood and trains started with this legendary song.

3. Gaadi Bula Rahi Hai from Dost: Sometimes words have a meaning deeper than their literal meaning. This song proves that.

4. Dhadak Dhadak from Bunty Aur Babli: Anybody who has ever travelled from a small town to a big city in pursuit of opportunities and success can relate with this peppy number.

5. Kasto Mazaa from Parineeti: One of those feel-good love songs with a picturesque setting, happy, smiling faces and romantic lyrics. The fact that it was shot entirely in a steam engine train takes this song to another level.

6. Lucky Lips from Lucky – This is not exactly a train song, well part of it is, but it is so cute isn’t it?

Know of a great train song? Do let us know in the comments below

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