Maharashtra’s weird Laws – Are we moving towards a dictatorship?

Taptapadi-Marathi-imagesFirst they ban beef in the state and now a new law-in-the-making dictates that  screening of Marathi movies in all multiplexes from 6 to 9 be made mandatory.


Yes. You can take a moment and read that again.

It is gonna happen if Cultural Minister Vinod Tawde has his weird weird way of promoting regional cinema and theater. Sensible journalism should develop their prime time discussions around the following themes ( These are the questions the media should be asking – )

1. Mr. Tawde when you said the move was for promoting marathi culture you clearly meant promoting regional cinema right?

2. What is the condition of regional cinema in current times – regional drama schools, funding to these by the government, what does the career graph of a regional actor look like, what are the opportunities available to them, do we dare compare regional cinemas earnings and investment to the Bollywood in our own backyard?

3. Instead of promoting regional Marathi culture can you not promote Indian culture? While we do understand that one has to revive the (apparently struggling…numbers anyone?) Marathi arts industry, can we not set an example for the entire country in measures taken to unite the country by lets say airing creatively made documentaries on cultures from all the country? And then make it mandatory for all tv channels to run these documentaries on our brethren from the northeast, the north and the south? As it is prime time TV shows are corrupting the people of India.

4. Will someone please tell Mr. Tawde that people do not have jobs, people in Maharashtra / regional actors people do not have food to eat, clothes to wear , so shouldn’t formulate policies and laws in improving their conditions and then talk about culture? Oh, but he will say that this is not my area. Well of course it is, think about it a little, just a little.

5. Explore the impact on the common man if this weird weird suggestion is made into a law?

6. Discuss the possibility of having a day of the week dedicated to the same cause, something like Marathi Mondays?

Sometimes I wonder what is going on in my country – how can our law makers be so incredibly short-sighted, naive and well you know the word. That’s an abrupt end to the article you will say, well, yes it is, one can discuss ridiculous things for only so many words.

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