10 Problems Commuters in India Face

We have solved four of major ten major problems daily commuters in India face, the government should take care of the rest.

An effective public transportation system is a must-must for the smooth functioning of any urban city. But is the current system adequate enough to support the growing needs of Indian commuters?

We don’t think so.

Here’s a list of 10 problems commuters in India face:

1. Time? Platform Number??? ….ARGH
Unlike movie show timings and schedules, finding out exact bus, metro and train schedules online can be a major challenge.


2. Really an auto is that cheap here?
Suppose you are new to a city and want to know exactly how much you will be spending while commuting. Well, you can’t plan your expenses as this information will be made available to you only when you reach the metro/railway station or sit in that bus.


3. How far is the bus-stop from my house?
Unless you are willing to ask people around, there is no easy way to know which public commute stop- be it a bus stop or a metro station- is near you.


4.How can I get here Fast??
How do you decide whether you should commute via metro or hire a cab or take a bus while traveling to an unknown destination in your city? You can ask people around for their opinion but can never be sure about it.


5. Crowded trains and buses
Trains and buses can get so crowded and suffocating, you feel like taking a shower after every trip. Sometimes commuters cannot even look outside the window to see the station/stop name and end up missing their destinations.


6. Wtf…how much longer do I have to wait for my bus?
If you have commuted through buses, you will know that they always run late and you cannot tell how far the bus is from the stop and how much longer you will have to wait to catch it.


7. No thanks, I think I will hold it in
Inadequate number of toilets for men and women, non-working flush, wet and unclean floor and poor maintenance are just some of the issues you will face while using toilets in a railway or a metro station.


8. Poor condition of roads
Potholes, water-clogging during monsoons, never-ending construction sites and other issues that impact the condition of roads affect your commuting experience and increase the time taken to reach your destination.


9. Lack of public transportation facilities in residential colonies
So your place of origin or destination happens to be in a residential colony. Be prepared to commute via your own vehicle or hire auto-rickshaws and cabs as chances are that buses would not be plying in these colonies.


10. Traffic Congestion
Due to industrialization and rise in vehicle ownership, our roads have become extremely congested and commuting can be quite a pain especially during office hours.


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