Zophop Introduces Check-In

It’s kinda crazy in our since last night, and we are pretty excited. We released an update for Zophop last night introducing India’s first commute crowd-sourcing experiment. Yes, the rumour is true. Now you can see buses and trains move in real-time.

What is Check-In?

Check-In is our latest offering to make the common man’s life more easy. You no longer have to spend those precious hours of your life waiting for that bus which is always late. Using Zophop now you can see your bus move through the city towards your bus-stop.

What happens when you Check-In?

-Once you Check-In your bus or train goes live for every one to see. People waiting at the next bus/train stop will be able to get updated real-time information based on your Check-In.
-You get an estimated time to your destination.
-You no longer have to worry about falling asleep in a bus or train any more. When you Check-In, you get voice alerts for every next stop till you reach your destination.

If you getting late for work or to meet your family or friends, using Check-In you can also share your live details – location, estimated times- with them. 

When does one Check-In?

As soon as you board a bus or a train.

How does Check-In work?  Power back to the Common Man

Check-In is a crowd-sourcing initiative. The more people contribute to it, the better information everyone gets. It is an app by the people for the people. For example people usually post tweets or message when they are stuck in traffic jams. But this information reaches a limited number of users. Bus delays and live routes can now be available for everyone with a mobile to see using Check-in.


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