Summers are here, take an AC bus to work


Summers are here. Traveling to work everyday is going to become very hot, humid and painful.  Did you know that that there are over 600 routes in total in all major Indian cities on which AC buses operate?

Would you like to know if there is a government AC bus around you?

If yes, then, you should download this app – here.
There is a NEAR YOU feature in this app which tells you about AC buses nearby. No need to suffer this summer, travel by an AC bus whenever you can.

Here are some other general tips to keep it cool this summer –

1. Carry a bottle of water. Intake some regularly.
2. Carry an umbrella. And shades. Use them while walking.
3. Eat lots of fresh fruits/juices – melons and oranges. Try cucumbers too.
4. Bathe before you go to sleep.
5. Avoid wearing dark colored clothes. Use a sunscreen.
6. Close the curtains, block the sun.

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