5th International Jazz festival – An exhilarating experience

The atmosphere at Nehru park was nothing short of magical.  As you entered the garden you noticed, among the dim colorful lights hidden in the green grassy bushes, people of varied nationalities had turned up for the event. 

I was getting bored over the weekend when a push notification on this app I use told me about the Jazz festival being held in Delhi. I was perplexed because this event wasn’t publicized all that well. I did a little research and found out that this is an event organised by the Government of India, more specifically the Indian Council for Cultural relations.

11072122_10206088754959212_794981576_n The crowd in the rear was a very laid back one.  People had brought their picnic baskets and coolers with their blankets and also pillows in a few cases. From family outings to wine bottles being uncorked over candlelit dinners to people swaying to the music, all that jazz was the background score for their evening.


As I moved towards the stage I encountered the more serious crowd. Chairs had been put up in the front section. The stage, the on-stage lights, the sound system were surprisingly very good.

Musicians from so many countries like France to Italy to Spain to Israel to our own India performed over the 3 day festival. For a person who is used to metal concerts a jazz concert was refreshingly different. The beautiful soulful music was one to lose yourself in.

There was this instance where two people from a trio of musicians from Hungary didn’t turn up because of commute issues. Undeterred, the single performer from the trio first performed solo and then called upon the drummer from the Israeli group to jam with. What followed next was the bliss of creation on music. To top it all off this festival did not have any kind of an entry fee.

This jazz festival was a very pleasant introduction to the finer things in life, best enjoyed with a glass of fine wine.

Prashant Tambey was kind enough to spare us a few words for this incredible experience he had.  Mr Tambey is a Mechanical engineer by profession and a traveler – guitarist otherwise.  He also designs and sketches  – here is a very beautiful sketch of Scarlett Johansson. If you are keen to discuss about travel in the southern, western and northern parts of India you can connect with him here.

Did you visit the Jazz Festival? How did you like it? Let us know in the comments below –

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