Male Foeticide = Women empowerment…err perhaps

Rahul Gandhi, after watching NH10 would have been like – this is not exactly what I meant by women empowerment, but ah well…

NH10 opens to a dreamy drive down the grey-wide roads of Delhi and Gurgoan with a mellow soundtrack fading in and out to Anushka’s husky laughter and chatter about things banal. All is calm and beautiful as a good looking couple heads to a weekend get-together in the posh Gurgoan colonies. There is a little flirting in a South Indian language. Anuskha makes – let’s go home and make mad love – in telugu( or is it tamil …. pardon the retarted north Indian moment).

Oh yes, this couple is very cosmopolitan and chic. They are urbanization’s modern children – product developers and fancy people who use tech in their daily lives  and are unaware of the underdeveloped mindsets of their semi-urban contemporaries.


In the first half an hour of the movie Navdeep Singh(the director) manages to touch and comment subtly on – urban couples, weekend parties, late night working hours, rogue elements in the suburbs, the typical mentality of it being the girl’s fault she should not travel alone in the night, how owning a gun ensures safety, how it is a man’s job to protect his woman, the tujhe-pta-nahi-mein-kise-janta-hu attitude peculiar to north India, sexism at workplace, honor killings…phew.


That is as far as we are going to discuss the plot of the movie. I am not going to spoil it for you. Primarily because it is a very well made film, a complete assault on your senses and your psyche. I think for the first time in my life I had sat through a Hindi movie and not heard a single whistle or clap from the male fraction of the audience, well, I am sure they were shit scared as to how a woman scorned could extract her revenge.


All the actors in NH10 have acted well, the direction in the movie is impeccable. To say that you will be on the edge of your seats is an under statement. The movie grips you, the plot moves fast and smart,  the dialogues are limited, the characters beautifully detailed, the gore is minimal, the portrayal of too many sensitive issues vivid.

There is a scene in the movie where Anushka threatens to push her predator’s progeny into a well. That scene had me wondering whether male foeticide should be enforced in India – kill the bastards before they grow into immoral animals. Pardon my momentary lapse of reason.


After the Nirbhaya documentary India’s daughter, a lot of people said a lot of things, there were too many comments in the air about women and safety, rape and behavior, Indian men and their mentality. NH10 could not have had a better time for its release – a woman taking on the rotting scum of our society.


The movie sends out too many powerful messages, you should definitely go see it.

If you are a male member of our species do tell me in the comments below how did you like this movie. If you are one of us girls, do tell me what this movie do for you?

Much Ado about nothing?
See the trailer and pass your own judgement –

Some of the opinions expressed in this article tread on the thin line of causing offence. People be cool, do not take offence to the written word. 

Image links and credits – kissing pic, crying pic, smoking pic, pic before trailer and movie poster.

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