Mahendar Singh Dhoni’s gesture in ICC T20 World Cup 2014

Simple gestures of respect go a long way in fostering a spirit of brotherhood among players. They also tell us that greatness cannot be measured in numbers or records but it shows in conduct and behavior. Like this simple act of Dhoni which moved millions of fans that day –

– ICC T20 World Cup 2014
– Semi Finals: IND vs RSA


 Virat Kohli has scored 68 of 43 which made the chase easy for India.
–  India need 1 run to win from 7 balls.
The man on strike is M.S.Dhoni.

Expectation – A winning shot from Dhoni.

Instead what he did was outstanding –


He blocked the last ball of the over for no run and gave strike to Virat Kohli to finish the innings, implying  -“You won the game for us, you finish it.”


pic3 pic_4

Source and image credits to Sai Charan

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