The next time you are eating out

Whenever you go out to eat in a hotel or a restaurant, even if you are just out with your friends or on a date ( yes! even on a date) –


After you are done eating and there is food left on your table; ask the waiter to pack that for you. That food often thrown away in the trash. It is a tad bit embarrassing at first but it’s for a good cause so you will get used to it.

On your way home, give that packet to a person who really needs it. Give it to the poor and the homeless, the oppressed and the unfortunate. Make someone’s day – do a good deed, earn good karma

You can find plenty of such people outside metro stations/bus stands/auto stands/traffic signals.

This is such a small act of kindness it is no surprise that we often overlook it. I think it’s plain common sense – you have paid for that left over which will anyway go into the trash. It just makes sense to give to those who need it.

All the images used in this post have been taken from the very generous free-sharing-open-source-kind-of-market that we have on the world wide web. For my take on this kind of sharing, if you are interested please read – this. 

Image Source links – Food picture.

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