You are watching Big Brother

How technology has empowered the common man


When George Orwell wrote about the future in 1984 he described a dystopian prison empowered by technology to monitor the common man’s basest thoughts. With the help of fancy tech Big Brother was always watching you. While we still have our reservations as to how the things we control control us and we do realize that privacy is slowly dissolving away in the tides of instant communication and it is probably threatened by little known monitoring structures, for a second you could think we are living in Orwell’s 1984, but that nightmare is yet to be realized.

Meanwhile, power dynamics for mankind were first altered with the invention of gunpowder. Power grows out of the barrel of a gun and for most of human history, it has. Till recently that is. Once technology penetrated into the the daily life of the common laying before him a world full of knowledge and learning, a great equalizing era began for human kind.

What has technology done for the common man – empowered him obviously, how precisely has it is here –

1. Broken the traditional practice of knowledge hoarding
Today anyone with access to world wide web can cross check the knowledge they already have or that which they are spoon-fed. Anyone with access can also satiate a variety of curiosities about the world. One should of course be aware of the limitations/dark side of the cyber space.

2. A voice to the voiceless, a platform for your cause
Finding support worldwide for your cause, for your purpose, for your desires has never been so simple. Did you hear about that small Indian town acid attach victim who was covered by a newspaper and then a news channel and her dream to pursue fashion designing from NYC was ultimately funded by well wishers from around the globe. I could talk about the mushrooming of social network celebrities but let us not dwell so sociologically into it.

3.You have a problem, now you can solve it yourself
If you see a solution to a problem-of-many more often than not all tools required to implement it are available online. You think there should be a software to take down your thoughts while you have the most amazing ideas, a virtual mind diary of sorts? It is possible, why not, you just need to find the will and the intelligence to make it happen.

How has technology helped you in your daily life and otherwise? Do you see a problem which technology could solve? Let us know in the comments below.

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